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Difficulty of season 3

So with season 3 apparently going to be easier, how will it be implemented? Can we expect an update tomorrow before the new season begins?

Anyone from support here to answer?

Hey TheMurmuquil, if we get any news on updates, it’ll usually be announced by Marcus.

Didn’t they already go into it a bit with the Arena post? Or do you mean something else?

They mentioned something like making the defense buffs weaker, more rerolls, they’ll be doing something with the matchmaking (like making it so that you’ll, in general, be matched with someone weaker and/or with less trophies), that sort of thing.

Thank you @Mysterious for jumping in! :slight_smile:

No updates will be required and to the best of my knowledge, the changes will be already implemented when Season 3 kicks off. Hope this answers your question!