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Difficulty scaling is unbalanced in challenge mode

All my guys are level 8, and when I try to do the Hidden Forge in challenge mode, I beat the first boss easily, but the second boss, (room 6), requires literally a perfect storm of beneficial happenstance for me to even have a chance. It goes from manageable to impossible in literally one room, (from 5 to 6). It’s the same for Frostsilver Mines, except in that one I can get two bosses down easily, and then the difficulty spikes to damn near impossible levels. I beat both of these dungeons in story mode a long time ago. What’s the deal here?!?

need characters probably be level 10 before you can do all 3 bosses in the Hidden Forge , 8/9 with the right gear should be able to get you through frost silver

With my lv 8 team ( W, C, M, R) I can semi consistant clear room 6/7, room 8 mostly get me, room 9, 3d boss, no way.
Its a gear check, farm for a few days and you should clear 6

Hidden Forge is all about RNG, no other way around it. Anvil is completely unbalanced boss due to it’s attacks being completely random, and unless you are almost on par with level of the boss it usually leads to your characters being one shotted. Even with my lvl 10 characters 3rd boss always comes down if he decides to go bonkers and fire sword some of my characters on first or the second turn, if that happens that character is dead when it’s next turn comes. And that usually leads to decrease in damage, or if it was cleric who was targeted, to slow death by rock falling or breath attacks.

A good rule of thumb is to have your characters the same level as the boss you’re facing to clear it.

Well, using my “A” team, and a new strategy, I was able to beat all 3 bosses in Frostsilver Mines this morning and the first 2 bosses in Hidden Forge. All level 8 characters. Buuuuuut, I almost don’t want to use my “A” team because I’m trying to get all my characters up to the same level. Then again, running dungeons doesn’t really give the big XP; weapon upgrades do, so the benefits of getting an extra reward dice far outweigh the 15 or 20 exp I’m getting for my lower experienced characters. Either way, I think I’m getting the hang of this.


New strategy? Plz share

Well, I’m not sure how “new” it is, but I’ll tell you what I do… For Frostsilver Mines, I have my warlock stay on the back/starting row from the beginning and just fire at the boss. The warlock weapon has a range of 3 zones, which is nice. I move my cleric up one row, but he’ll just be healing. And then I have my bard stand on row 2, with my fighter/tank right in front of her on row 1 to do melee damage. The fighter can’t get pushed back because the bard is behind him. The main thing I’m trying to do is get as much hits in with my fighter as I can, because each hit gives a bonus to AC. In fact, that’s what has allowed me to beat the second boss in Hidden Forge. Without those repeated AC boosts, (which stack), I get one shotted by the flame strike. Also, I never put any two characters in the same column, as that seems to decrease the number of times he does the flame strike thingie, (one character standing in front of another is just too tempting I guess).

So, not as much a “strategy” as it is what I started doing with specific characters and their specific weapons to get past this particular pair of hurdles. :slight_smile: