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Difficulty selecting small dinos on map


Does anyone else have a problem when it comes to tapping on smaller size dinos on the map or is this a ‘me’ problem? Do I have sausage fingers or something? It often takes several (sometimes many) attempts to select on a small dino, especially when they are out at the fringe of my radius. Seems like you have to directly tap one of the animation pixels, when it would be nice if there were some kind of invisible halo around the creatures for an intelligent selection system.

Or…maybe its just me. Anyway, I lose a lot of dinos at the fringe when Im a passenger in a vehicle due to this so its getting frustrating.


My brother and I team as truck drivers so 90% of my shooting is being done as a passenger. I’ve noticed it has gotten worse to open dinos across the board since the update that turned the supply boxes from blue to orange. I also don’t like the fact it seems the time you get to shoot at them because of moving seems to be shorter. When I’m at a standstill I’ve got more time, so my DNA would be way higher than it is if I had the same amount of time to dart moving. The lag time to load up dinos has also hindered the amount of dinosaurs I even see. The original game play before the fancy update worked better for me personally.