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Dig In and Cautious Strike

Both need a rework, the fact that one move has so many effect is both ridiculous and annoying, Cautious strike shouldnt be able to do clean, distract and give speed and Dig In shouldnt Clean, Regen, give speed and a shield I say take the ability to give speed from both an there problem solved with just one thing its solved


I think this recent tournament was a good example of how OP cautious strike is. 2 effects is more than enough for 1 move. 3 is a little ridiculous. 2 is even pushing it but I’ll accept 2 since Ludia is determined to make these stupid moves.


I’d be ok with it if it had any drawbacks, but since it’s a strike move, there aren’t any.


Dig in It is annoying but not over power IMO, because the dinos who have that movement have low damage and need a way to survive, specially since most of them have Stunning impact as one of their move set and there is a lot of inmune dinos out there


Even though Dig In isn’t nearly as bad as CS, I agree it’s unnecessary too, especially because it’s totally based on this swap in damage crap… And I never liked these moves that do a hundred things at the same time… Seems as they lack creativity for an interesting new ability or a good moveset, so they pile effects in one OP move… Lame


I think all the abilities tied together in Dig In are pretty complex, but it’s something I can see a Triceratops doing. I think it’s pretty cool.
Cautious Strike, though-- Yeah. That one’s overdone. A lot overdone. I think half the benefits need to be cut off that. Maybe Distraction and the cleansing. Even then it’s kinda crazy–Speed boost and dodge at the same time? Still stands tall next to its G1 counterpart

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I personally like moves with a lot of effects, especially If they are made to be signature moves for a group of dinos, it’s a good thematic imo. Though i agree that depending on the combination of effects, It could be too much. But some combinations If well balanced can make very interesting special moves.
I don’t think dig in needs a rework, in fact, i think ceratopsians need a slight hp and damage buff.
Now cautious strike, yeah it’s just short of making our laundry with all that cleansing :rofl:
If It were me i would keep only distract and dodge. It will be good at surviving If the opponent isn’t immune, but will allow bleeders and faster stuff to counter It. With this It will have enough counters to be balanced.


Hum, copyrighted music is bad I guess. Video got flagged :frowning:

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There’s so much to be thankful for
This music is the cherry on the top


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It’s like Indo G2 is the mary sue of JWA. Though I think if speed increase is removed, it would actually be more balanced. Sure, it can cleanse, but you can have your faster critters actually stay faster if Indo G2 killed your previous one with cautious. It already has Mutual Fury which makes sense that it would increase speed to take advantage of it, and has a huge trade-off. Cautious has almost no trade-off other than being a strike instead of anything higher.

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Honestly I’ve thought about dig in and it a bit broken like not like cautious or mutual but like I feel it should be changed so it can actually be affective

Dig-in #1
Cleanse self.
Shield 50%for 2 turns.
Cool down 2

Dig-In #2.
priority. Shield 50% for 2 turns Cleanse. Increase damage by 25%for two turns(yes Ik this was move that was on launch and was taken out but I think it should make a return since it works well with the ceratopsians)

Dig-in #3
Priority.100% shield for 1 turn, increase attack by 50%.

Ya I fell like the speed increase just allows its kit to become op against things that usually can beat it I mean it can go faster than Indoraptor! Imagine it it had it old kit and stats

Dig in it’s just fine the way it is right now doesn’t require a rework at all and the dinos that have the move they need it so they can survive. On the other hand cautious strike i will admit that is a little op as move but it can be balanced if they take out the speed up effect.


Both need good rework. Another great example of Ludia’s inability to balance this game.