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"Dig In" Saved My Life!

Due to his regeneration and shield,i managed to survive Paramoloch attacks and i won the match…even though he fled

It seems like this new skill is not so bad!


People are way too quick to jump on the “monostego is dead” wagon because they just don’t want to change the way they use it. It’s still very much viable.


I don’t think the move is bad, I actually like It, but I still think the stats were nerfed too hard. A buff to the stats and they will be good. And there was no need to remove GSI from most ceratopsians.


True,my Monostego has difficulty killing Utahsino now,before he was a Utah Killer!!!

This nerf is totally unnecessary!


People forget that monostego now has SI stunning strike. SI stunning strike with previous Monostego attack would be crazy. I say the attack nerf was justified.

In Aviary and Library dig in is useless.

Also Monostego lost its primary use. It was best Indo counter, now Indo wins.

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Well, i didn’t forget about the si stunning strike. I think the damage is too low even with that. It doesn’t justify the nerf in hp and damage, at least not the amount that was taken away. Someone made a buff suggestion for the ceratopsians that doesn’t bring the stats to what they were before, but are very reasonable and enough to be meta relevant. I very much agree with those buffs.

Every time I use Dig In, I hear the song “Dig” by Mudvayne playin in my head.
Seeing your title did it as well lol.


Monostego isn’t useless as many were afraid of, but it still get chomped easily


imo, 2 changes to change this:

  1. The 10% speed up during dig in is replaced with Instant Distraction, the default speed is already slow anyway, so giving it speed up won’t be much help (unless the dino is already heavily speed boosted, then 10% speed up may make a difference).
    With ID, it may survive longer against non-immune dinos.

  2. The normal strike is changed to Nullifying strike, to fight against cloak/evasive dinos.

With this 2 changes, the dino can go back to its previous tag of “jack of all trade” dino. :grinning:

Edit: I would take ID over both 10% speed up and Instant stun.

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The way I see it, GSI was removed so that there would be a better distinction between the ingredients and their hybrids.
Stegoceratops would be practically the same as Monostegotops if they both had it, and if Triceratops had it, it would have been weird for Stegoceratops not to.
Sinoceratops is only allowed to have 3 moves as a non-hybrid epic, and Instant Charge is what really set it apart from the others, so it made sense to keep that. It’s now basically a better Triceratops, which is a logical progression.
As for Einiosaurus, I guess it’s now meant to be used as a slowing, high-health rat or something. Same with Triceratops Gen 2. Like the rat in the sense that they’re a way to get rid of unfavourable matchups, or finish off sweepers.
As for Einiasuchus…I’m really not sure. But it’s probably for the same reason as the nerf to the Ceratopsians’ base damage.

Not all speed-up moves are meant to make your dino the fastest in the game, you know. There are specific matchups where they would come in handy. I know the Meta right now is all about 129+ speed, but the devs can’t look at the whole game that way.
I like that with each update they find new ways to make dinos relevant, instead of giving Instant Distraction and Invincibility to all the Uniques. This creativity is something that I hope is here to stay. Even if it doesn’t work out at first.

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I see your point, but i think Einiasuchus and stegocera should keep GSI. Even then monostego would be different in stats and for having distraction.

I do appreciate as well the developer’s effort to mix things up and keep battling fresh every patch, and its not exactly the easiest task, I understand. Just have to roll with the punches I guess.

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