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Dig-in, worse than cautious strike?


Dig in sucks, and I use Monostegotops but I much preferred it before the new moveset.


Nope, it doesn‘t. A great and very strategic move. I first didn‘t like that Monostego got SIA plus Dig In, but after a while I learned to like and use it.
The deer is amazing with that ability! First found it disappointing and boring, but during the tournament I learned that it‘s pretty strong and very strategic. And partly also mind gaming too.

So nope, Dig In is a great move and a nice addition to the game.

Cautios strike is broken imho. I wrote what I would change in the poll and hope they will nerf it. By nerfing I don‘t mean to totally ruin in but to balance it so that lvl 24 Indo Gen IIs won‘t destroy ~lvl 26 Unique teams. :sweat_smile:


I don’t think Dig In alone sucks. What sucks is swap in damage +stun +Dig In… Now that combination yes, is a huge contender for the most stupid and boring thing in the game now, even against Cautious Strike.

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Dig in doesn’t make battles boring. Stun, especially swap-in stun, makes battles boring. Regenerate and run, although a good tactic, makes battles drawn out and boring.

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Or really the only thing I hate is the speed up cause you know mammotherium and monostego should totally be able to go to 126 and 129 speed it’s make totally sense.

But for reals the combination of SiS and dig-in is honestly the thing that can compete for cautious strike as one of the most boring and annoying moves in the game

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Not even comparable.

Dig-in vs dig-in can be very tiresome.

The most obnoxious match ever is a monostego/Draco combo. Swap in regen repeat.

True one battle went so long with neither of us dying that it actually timed out so neither of us were winners…waste of time. I didn’t even know a battle could time out


I had a long, drawn-out, boring AI battle yesterday because the opponent’s Monostegotops kept using dig-in and I had no chompers or nullifiers in my lineup. I think I might’ve been using my L30 Stegodeus. I I finally killed it, but it took a while!

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Dig in has a lot of weaknesses.

  1. The shield it puts up can be broken by chompers.
  2. Barely heals any HP.
  3. Deals 0 damage.
  4. Has a cooldown.
  5. It ruined ceratopsians.
    May make things boring if it’s tank vs tank, but even my Erlidom can cause some major destruction to dig-in users.
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But doesn’t that shield against erlidoms cloak plus don’t they have armor

Doesn’t help much when the Erlidom’s gone overboard with the attack and the ceratopsian invested most boosts into attack too.

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Just had Deer vs Deer with no viable option for swapping for either one, and it was basically this (without the enthusiasm)

And you guessed it, every single use of Dig-in was 100% predictable.
I am not denying there are rare occasions where it can be used strategically, but when you are against a non-shield breaker, it’s basically every time it’s off cooldown.


Cautious strike makes me far more bored! Every time I face a cautious strike spammer, I spam the dna yawning emoji; it’s that boring.

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I think it made them better. The only thing that bugs me is that I would have preferred Monostegatops to have kept nullifying instead of having dig-in.

Nah it just made them annoying and less likely to stay on the battlefield.


Lol, that’s just perfect xD

The ceratopsians have become the most boring thing in the game… This idea of “strategy” is nothing more than an illusion. Anyone can swap in to kill a low health creature, regen and swap out… What does that remind you of? Yes, they are just bigass rats now, way worse than how the original rat is today. Cause they can’t be one shot, so are guaranteed to hit the next creature once or twice.

And the deer, at least it doesn’t have swap in damage, but as said here, if you don’t have a shield breaker to deal with it, it’s gonna be one hell of a boring ride too… Deer vs deer is just torture. Makes the old times of tank meta seems dynamic and exciting!