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Dig In

The move is way to effective specially on some creatures like Carbonemys and its hybrids, you should remove either the healing or the speed, cause if you somehow manage to chip their health to low life specially if you somehow got unlucky enough to don’t get any chomper in the battle it becomes tedious when they get life back and then your work gets undone in a second, that’s noy rven including how boost make this even worse

It is actually not bad, it is easily countered when you’re prepared for it…


Oh another nerf request because something’s too hard to beat? :neutral_face:


Honestly, I think it should heal a bit more. As is it rarely makes much difference in a battle, any enemy with a slowing move basically gets a free turn to let cooldowns react. The creatures with it aren’t running the arena or anything.


In a world where DC and Procerath exist, Dig In is what needs a nerf? Jesus.

I hate the Rat as much as anyone else and I can also understand when it comes to the Green Bird of doom but I gave up with the rat nerf cause they wont do it, people have been asking for a real nerf but they dont do it, same with the bird and again try to imagine being unlucky enough so you dont have any chomper on your team, fighting against a Carbonemys fully boosted

Couldn’t agree more Cristian.
The turtle is even more annoying than the rat if you don’t have a chomper :+1:

You need to outsmart opponent when you don’t have a chomper to crush Dig in creature. Most of players are predictable and follow same pattern.

You have a theme here…

You hate the Rat so you demand a hard nerf, but that hard nerf never comes.
You hate the Christmas Chicken so you demand a hard nerf, but that nerf never comes, infact it got buffed.

So now you hate the Carbonemys so demand a nerf.

Nerfs should not be requested just because you don’t like something.

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For a second I thought you were going to point out that everything he hates gets a buff… I DEMAND he start calling for Rinex nerfs at once!


If the devs overpower a Dino I can’t see why we can’t call for a nerf. Or if a Dino is clearly going to cause issues such as we had in the past with the tank meta that was so boring, why shouldn’t we say as much?

It’s often the case that we suggest the devs don’t play the game, and I’m sure that is the case with the most dedicated players on here. So hopefully Ludia may listen now and again.

A call for nerfs for DC and Procerath are very well justified, but Dig In user nerfs are just unnecessary, I agree.

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Dig In is a fair move. Chompers eat through it anyway :t_rex:


Yeah no, if you dont get any chompers in your team then you are screwed, the easy fix would be that the devs let us see the eight dinos on the enemy team and letting us choose our dinos building a strategy around that, but since the team is luck based then Dig in, Dracoceratops and Procerathomimus are all broken, they aren’t hard to deal with if you are lucky and get the correct counters but if everything is based around luck and how much you pay then it isn’t fair

Any Nullifying attackers will handle dig in just fine

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And stunners, and distractors…

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