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So this is currently where I am. Previously when rajank was good I went this route because of his power. Now I see Trykosaurus running all over the place and am wondering if I should change my path based on the strength of Trykosaurus. I have 1897 trex as well to help in the fusion.

Either way, based on these photos, what do you think my overall best option is? Continue into dioraja or switch routes and commit to tryko? Thanks in advance for the information!


Based on the DNAs you have, it’s impossible you will have Tryko. It’s gonna take a loooooong time. Keep leveling up your Diora


What level is your Rex? If it’s at 15, you’ve still got a long way to go. From what I can see you don’t have enough of either at the moment. I’m in a very similar situation but I don’t have enough kentro either way to get akyntro to 20 so I’m just holding on until we get another event. My advice would be to just keep them where they’re at for now until you get more DNA and re-evaluate when you get more. There’s always the unfortunate possibility that they’ll nerf tryko badly.


Thanks for all the info. My Indom is level 20 so I’m there at that point. I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens in the upcoming time. I hate waiting when they’re both stronger than things I have, but I’d hate to simply waste the dna for no reason…