Dilo nerf & Monomimus buff?


Monomimus has been quite op dino why is it got buffed and dilo nerfed ? Interesting.


what buff?


I think Mono had hp & atk buff im not sure tho but dilo got nerfed surely.


Monomimus’s attack got buffed from 1230 to 1300.and its health got buffed from 3530 to 3600.


Because they released Diloracherius, they don’t want anyone to complain how could a legendary ingredient been better than unique super-hybrid.:thinking:

That’s the best reason I could imagine.


And probably also because Dilo before 1.4 was pretty OP.


Monomimus is pretty op for being a legendary, can compete easily whit most of the uniques and win.
Dilonacheirus is same than old dilonarosaurus so they nerfed dilonaro and made a p2w unique that is the same than old dilonaro


what a shame !


But to be fair, Monomimus is pretty hard to get with gallimimus being an arena 8 exclusive. For people who actually have it, it’s likely to be pretty underleveled compared to their other legendaries. But then again, Ludia has given out quite a bit of free Gallimimus DNA , so maybe not that underleveled.


I’ll say…actually to create a Monomimus is not so much difficult.
Totally 144 attempts for all events contain Galli.
Now the limited resource for evolve Monomimus is Monolopho.:joy:
If you pay for those weekly rare showcase, could be even easier.

But I’ll say, in Dilorano case, couldn’t complain that it got an unreasonable high atk before ver.1.4.
Just see both Ourano(1050 atk) & Dilopho(1150 atk), you could easily notice 1100 is appropriate.


People felt rage when Dilorano first time immediately nerfed.
(I am not excepted)
Now it seems not so irritating because we could got that high atk speedy monster back with Diloracheri.:rofl:


I decided just go only for uniques, it takes ne a while sibce i dont buy nothing since juny but uniques is they only they dont nerf (exept elridominus who look like a random legendary instead a unique). They nerf all epics or legendarys who can compete easily whit uniques making me wasting money on coins who never wil back xd


thats a good idea it takes a long but it worths as you said.


Honestly, in Diloracheri case, I “wasted” DNA twice.

I got lv19 Ourano before ver.1.3, now lv22 Dilorano before ver.1.4.
Must able to create Diloracheri if I didn’t over leveled both of them.
So this still seems annoying for me, nerf old apex dinos, and release new better dinos based on them.


I can easily meet dilophosaurus in my area but ourano is hard to meet. I got 18 level Dilorano now and im just waitin for ourano dna.


I had ourano at 18 +2000 adn more or less when ourano was everywhere, thats mamaged me to create dilonaro to 21 cause i never saw ourano again in wild xd but i complete ignored deinocherus and only have it at 15, so dificult to grind his dna being a far zone spawn


I have a level 19 dilorano and a level 23 monomimus.

Monomimus can kill almost any strike tower on its own.

Dilorano could never do that.

Yet we have a nerf for dilorano and a buff for monomimus…



im just laughing like you John but you are lucky cuz you got Mono at least lol