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Dilo or erliko in my team?

Which one you guys think it’s better for my team?

Bleed is useful, but I think Dilo has a better kit. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer Ned! I just think my team needs a change and since I just created erliko (thanks for that btw :slight_smile:) I thought I could get it in my team

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Have you boosted any of them? What are their stats? It really depends on what your facing against, bleed is always nice but don’t forget about dilorach’s two strong rampages.

Dilo is weak this patch. Just benched mine.


Same, had to bench my Dilo now that everything is immune…

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Just benched my Dilo. Really liked it, but doesn’t seem to have a place in the new meta. It now sits sadly next Toura…