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Dilo or Teno in new Meta

Have both at just about team level and can upgrade one. Both we’re on my team before and both already have boosts. I only can level one up though at the moment. Is Dilo no longer worth having on the team?

Diloracheirus? It’s amazing! I see lots of people using it and pretty pleased with it myself. Tenonto is a much more rare sight and it usually dies quick.

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I have benched my Dilo this patch. Most of the creatures have immunity now and stun is not reliable. I still use my Tenontorex and love her.

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Tenonto all the way, just a basic hit to remove distraccion and slow dilo amd the fight is over

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This patch wasn’t very Dilo friendly. I’d say Tenrex currently would be the way to go.

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Dilorach, by a solid margin.

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Im currently using both and perfer dilor… even if the target is stun immune its a good chunk of damage.

I like tenotorex… but after creation i dont plan on investing… he is component heavy with both trex g2 and tenoto… one being an unscentable park dino atm. And trex gen 2 can be used on other things that are better.

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You guys are no help at all - LOL. Looks like an almost 50/50 split. This is why I am torn. Teno is a great chomper, though not Thor level with its kit. Dilo is good and very fast, and even if the stun doesn’t take because of immunity it is a strong hit, but she is a bit of a glass canon, and I have several of those already. I will post up my team this afternoon. Would love some advice. Thanks everyone!

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Dilo is excellent. Teno hits hard but lacks speed which tends to reduce its usefulness. I’ll be replacing it from my team once something is at an appropriate level.

Im going to add to my orginal post…are you going to be able to keep leveling them at the same rate as the rest of your team.

With the addition of boosts 2.0 and the boosts being level capped keeping a dino on your team that your relying on events to keep up at team level could become an issue. Before boosts running a low level dino wasnt to big of an issue… and after boosts 1.0 you could overcome lower levels with boosts.

With boosts 2.0 lower them team level dinos are going to be a liability… level and boost deficit will be to much to overcome. Its definitely something to consider moving forward.


Dilo is better in more matchups but loses to Teno 1v1. Teno can be a matchup problem as well but for different dinos. Ultimately these questions always come down to your preferences and play style as well as the other components of your team, balance being more important than any particular member

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Thanks @Evicton, that’s a good point. Looks like they can both be kept at pretty close to team level so far. That said, I have been holding back on leveling Thor or Tyro past 24 as I cannot take my entire team to 25 right now. I will post a family photo of the team in a few minutes, that might help

Here is my team. Thanks @Creative_Screen_name and @Evicton. Trying to keep it balanced. Had a match yesterday, my first ever in Library and RNG picked all glass canons on my team, was not pretty. So trying to get a more rounded team. No tanks on here really… Both Dilo and Teno are boosted 6/6/6 btw.

Yeah i can see a strong arguement to be made with teno over dilo for your team… less of a chance to pull all glass canons…

I’m honestly not sure I’d keep Sucho over Teno. I understand bleed but immunity is much more common as you rise the ladder. I actually am happy to see a Sucho. If you MUST have a bleeder there are better options

Yep, not married to a bleeder, especially in this meta. Just trying to keep things at team level, trying to level up phorusaura, but a little ways to get still on that one. Might be worth switching it out, but the old algorithm seemed to reward for lower level dinos, which is why I took tento off. Could level up mono, but unsure of his place in the new meta.

Dilora is good depending on what your facing in your range. Tento is a beast . Both are great dinos !
I would roll with Dilora for speed . I’ve pulled mine from my team but that’s because of what I’m facing in my arena !

Best of luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it’s not at a low level like Thor, so not “Thor level” indeed :slight_smile:

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I been stacking dna and with this week lvl 27 is coming. My highest leveled dino, and main rat killer. I still think tenrex should obtain a move like monostegs swap in stun attack an upgrade from tenontosaurus’s swap in stun. I think since it has more health than Thor we will see tenrex being a little better in this meta.

Ps: I call her Pennywise


Yeah i wouldnt mind seeing tenotorex with a swap in stunning strike… the whole reason i perfer thor atm is instant charge almost always gets some damage when a faster dino comes out to revenge kill ky thor.

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