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Dilo, still in the car with Nedry?


I’m sitting on a lot of Ourano DNA, even Deinocherus, but I can 't find Dilo anywhere? Am I the only one, are there more people having this trouble? :thinking:


Same here. Ourano is ready for fuse but dilo is nowhere to find. I dont think i have seen dilo in wild since october.

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Mr. Green Chicken would be in my collection if I could find the "Bye"lophosaurus


I haven‘t seen one since 1.5, not kidding. Had 6k before and now nothing.


Same here. It’s definitly a rare, maybe gone extinct…


I think I’ve seen 1 in the last month… definitely not enough.


I got one this morning–I almost had a heart attack!


I see it everywhere. I would love to see ouranosaurus, he’s my unicorn :unicorn:!!

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Ourano lives in my backyard, goes for a walk but always comes back. Think she likes the plants in my yard.:grin:


It’s way too late for gardening here. January in Ohio is a little brutal.


Even someone like me living in local 1 finds Dilo really hard to come by…

These daytime local rares are a massive pain to hunt especially in winter months when you have so little daytime hours.

To make it worse, when I do find a Dilo or two, almost all my fuses end up being 10… -.-


I’ve seen 2 in the past 2 months… 1 a month isn’t going to let me fuse very quickly…


I’m the opposite. 6 or 7 dilo today, and only ever maybe 5 ourano in the wild. I generally sit at 9-10k dilo but give away a lot to my alliance so I think I’m down to 6k now.


Reading this makes me jealous…haha​:exploding_head::joy:


Let me know when spring arrives in Ohio, I can give you advice.:grin:


Ourano is very rare, dilo has become one too. Maybe time to give it a rest. Yeah. Should try something else.:joy:


Scent capsules only for Dilo? :thinking:


I live in zone 1 so I should find them. In addition I know some “nest” of “Beauty center” in which theoretically there would be twice as many options to find them, but I have not seen any without capsule in weeks. Yesterday I opened a “rare” 20-minute capsule in the area, two 20-minute normal capsules and two 5-minute capsules. In total I found 12 rare with them that is a good number, but only one dilo (the rest six dimetrodon, two megalosauro, two nodosauro and one argentinosauro). It is clear that its reproduction rate is not the same as that of other common or zone rare.

The ouranosauro are even more rare (but it is more logical to be epic) but as there was a weekly event with them, all of my alliance have a certain stock waiting some day to see the dilos.

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I think I’m gonna cry…


Pop off a rare scent in l1 you will see a few then or i am just lucky