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Dilo, still in the car with Nedry?

I use all the rare scents I get around my GF’s place, sometimes I get a few and sometimes none. Plus, I pass by a ‘beauty salon’ nest on my way to the market, got exaclty two of them this way.

I got 2 wild spawns on way home 1 in l1 another was random so i am taking a guess that we are gettin cunning creatures next speical event as i don’t see them at all unless i set off a scent in l1

If you are having problems finding dilo you need to look for another local 1… and it might take some traveling to do it.

I work and live in two different l1s…both used to be good zones for dilo but since 1.5 dilo has dried up in my home local 1. However, my work l1 still produces alot of dilo maybe not quite as often but still enough ive had 3 on my screen at one time.

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Yh i never seen them but yet only recrntly got used to the locals and its abit strange i see deino in my local 2 and the inlaws local 2 but that is ment to be local 1

Thank you, I will try that. It will take a few weeks, to try .I’ve got a broken foot, so I will just go stumbeling to the nearest local 1 and try for the moment.:joy::joy::joy:
When I can drive again,I will try your suggestion.:+1: