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Or however you spell it… way too OP.

I’m not one to complain about dinos and I have never called for a nerf of anything, but this damn thing is impossible to get ahead on. Even as a unique it just has too much of everything. Distraction, then stun, SS, and hit and run? It makes all other uniques look like chumps, seriously.

Oh, and not to mention its speed. It’s just too much.

Ludia yammers on about a balanced game - how is this monster balanced?

seriously?? dilo got a nerf not this one too. ive worked very hard to get this. what levels are you facing?

21 - 24

The only way to hope to get a shot in on this thing is if you already have a dino with a slowing ability out when your opponent sends out the dilo - if not, you’re screwed.

All the other uniques have fairly limited moves, which make them situational and sort of limits them - but this thing has it all. The way I think about it is that most everything has a good counter dino - except this one. Nothing can be brought in against it. Like I said, the only way to counter is to already have something like a stegod already in when they bring the dilo out.

I’ve played this game from almost day 1, and have no problem with rng, lucky stuns, and the only other dino I think needs a rework is tuoramoloch - but this dilo sticks out as just too much.

I suppose ankylocodon would work, but they nerfed the hell out of that…

I like to think I’m no slouch in battle, hanging in the top 100, but this thing, yuck.

Stegodeus can destroy it if you happen to catch it before it can stun

It actually had pretty low hp so it’s one of those fast hitters. If you can get in a rampage, stun and slow it down, she is a goner.

In fact its pretty easy to counter,with two moves its gone…

i have a level 27 stegodeus. it took out someone’s lvl 25 indoraptor. then they brought in lvl 22 dilocherius got in one hit. superiority strike and if they hadn’t swapped it out, dilo would have been dead too.

iirc… it has the exact same move set as diloranosaurus.

I’ve had decent luck with indominus against the green rooster … the immunity helps a lot!

Dilorache itself is as delicate as those raptors, while opponent is a tank with superiority strike.

This Giant Turkey could only able to counter those no immunity speedy opponents.

even those with immunity, like Magna, it still beats it. It’s quite the strong Dino, only hard counter is SS tanks atm.

Allow me to ask, do you have it?

Wouldnt a high level “fastest of them all” Velociraptor take it down with one pounce? Again, HIGH level one.

Well, I think the main reason is it get 129 spd, and good atk.
129 means faster than Magnapyrri and I-raptor. And Magna itself get extremely low hp. Just like Pyrritator could easily defeat Magna, no reason Dilorache couldn’t do that.

After all, my main view is:
Yes, Dilorache is powerful, but totally able to countered, especially for tank dinos.
We know how common those tanks are in upper than arena 8.
So not really too OP.
I got a lv22 Dilorache, and personally I love all Ouranosaurus line hybrids.

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Are we going to have a topic for each unique in this game with someone whining about it ?

Diloracheirus is a very interesting unique, you can make setup where he’s very good and you have to be careful because in some setup he’s just awful.
If you don’t know how to play against that’s fine but why ruining others fun ?

I like these kind of Dinos, powerful and weak at the same time. You can’t just smash it and win. You have to play it well or he’s just destroyed in two moves…


Today my lv 20 stegocera faced one lv 21 Denio, head to head. It used distracting first, I used slows, than GSS, then stunning impact, it only has 69 hp left.

I bet if my stegocero was lv 21, it would have killed this dude as long as I landed my 75% stun and only took the first hit.:smile:

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Stegod can destroy pretty much anything, easily the most OP dino in the game. Giving it superior strike was a terrible idea.

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Ankyntrosaurus is way worse actually, only reason it isn’t as much of a pain is its ingredients are hard to come by and people with those ingredients would rather use them for Tryko. Stegodeus’ movesets really aren’t all that impressive when compared to some of her peers. Any dino, when overleveled, can seem OP. Anyway, Ludia has greatly decreased the spawns of Apatosaurus, which is a key ingredient in making Nodopatosaurus, whose dna is needed for Stegodeus. So, I would imagine we won’t be seeing any increase of high level Stegodeus any time soon. To be honest, I actually miss seeing Stegodeus in my matches now that I’m always facing high level (23-26) Utarinex, IndoRaptor and Tryko :frowning: I think Utarinex is the dino who deserves a death halo, I mean, she already looks skinned anyway so why not? :rofl:

Its pretty rare when I dont have to face a level 25 - 30 Stegod in every battle. Stegod is also the highest level dino on almost everyones team. Its so OP that most everyone will dedicate resourses specifically to it, while the rest of the team is 4 - 6 levels below it. This has become the “norm” and the meta.

I think it needs to change, but I’m not expecting anything to change. Far too many people have embraced and pumped up their easy mode dino. Balancing it now would cause a mass exodus so I think you are safe :wink:

I’m not one to complain



What? It’s weaker than the original Diloranosaurus… Use creatures with immunity for example.