Diloph family changes


I think either as a basic attack or an attack with cooldown, dilophosaurus,gen2 and diloranasaurus should have a blinding ability
Blinding is an effect that is similar to evasion but on backwards. It reads for example:
Blinding impact
Delay 1 cooldown 4
Deal 1.5x damage. Your opponent has a %50 chance of missing direct damage next 2 turns
When an attack misses,its damage is not applied but other effects still apply (stat modifiers, stun, etc.) And it can be avoided by immunity and can be cleansed away. To balance it out diloph can lose some attack or something but it would be so flavorful and it would add a new mechanic to the game


Dilourano if fine as it is don’t need to copy indo raptor


But it shoots acid that blinds… its not copying


The gameplay mechanic would be similar to cloak dodge etc already have too many
Rng shenanigans in this game


I think indos evasive strike can be like evasive for 1 turn or 2 and guarantees crit next attack or something. Like the gun in the movie where when you press the button the indo attacks but idk i dont have indo i dont battle against a lot of indo i dont know much about indo. Blinding would be fine tho. It is a %50 stun that can be cleansed away


Exactly more rng madness on Dino’s that already working and have meta relevant role as is sounds like too much tinkering to me. The new flyers are sure to come with such shenanigans already


Maybe they have a passive of %25 evasion or something but remember this isnt chess you are playing. This is a game where rng exists. This keeps it interesting so i have no problem with rng


I’m already tired of fighting teams full of dodging dinos. I don’t want to see anymore of that. Its boring losing to noobs who rely on dodging every attack with their underleveled junk.