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Dilophoboa confirmed?

Is this real?


Clip was not recorded or posted by me, but it’s apparently a video on Facebook.

It looks awful.


i wish Dilophosaurus would get an AWESOME looking hybrid. I mean come on, what is this thing? Oh, it’s other stupid mix up hybrid. i hate these non-dinosaur creatures. i will never use any of those hybrids in my team or their regular non hybrid forms.


Looks like it is wearing giant ear muffs.


Yessir. (10 characters)

Eh, personally I think the cenezoics are just as cool if not cooler than the dinosaurs in the game. And I love snakes, so that’s a bonus.


i think snakes are cool myself. i am just not impressed with it and i don’t care for cenezoics except completing my dinodex.

when i think of jurassic park i think of dinosaurs not big snakes, turtles, and deers etc.


Bruh, it kinda looks like it has gills.

It looks like an Axolotl/legless lizard hybrid that aspired to become Godzilla status.

It looks like it ate a bird, and when it began to sneeze out feathers, they stuck out from behind his jaw.

I have no idea what this thing is supposed to accomplish, but I’m actually interested. It just better be using Dilo G2, because I am really trying to save Dilophosaurs for Diloranosarus.

Like… Dude, this is insane.


Really it’s like they went like well what if we made it a cobra but worse

I’m confused does it have two swap-ins or is it’s a counter

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1 swap in and the other is a counter.

I didn’t see it on Facebook

Could be distraction

But it’s missing a slash and the arrow is higher.

As for the counte could be defense shattering or precise
Also seems it’s has 1337 base

At lvl thirty which probably means low attack

Maybe a new counter and swap in? Because that’s the only way a creature can have the two.

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It does look like that

Could also be wound

It looks almost like a new bleed move. Not sure. Bleed has 2 slashes though.

I actually think it looks pretty cool. Snakes are awesome imo. Hopefully other new dinos are involved aswell. And carbotops hybrid…

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Maybe although I think the counters could be precise or defense