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Dilophoboa Fusion (Dilophosaurus Gen 2 + Titanoboa Tournament) 4/26/2021 - 5/3/2021

Nice opportunity for those who haven’t unlocked one or both the components.


“Which Tournament will you participate in”… Ludia, do you not know of your crazy players on the Forum who will do both despite having unlocked them as well? :crazy_face:


i will defenitly participate in both but i will probably not win it


I will definitely be trying for both. I have two level 22 Titanoboas, but just instant hatched my first Dilophosaurus gen 2 today. I’ll buy and instant hatch another one Thursday, then put 4 more in the hatcheries. Then I’ll instant hatch my last 2 next Thursday. So I should be ready to make the hybrid in about 11 days.


for historical reference here was the last time 2 tournaments ran at the same time for a week:


oh its only now i noticed that the dilo gen 2 and titanoboa tournament is a whole week. oh man i might have a chance yey :rofl: :partying_face:


Should be easy…


So, I will aim for survivor on Titanoboa but Hunter for Dilo

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I made the weekly thread thing idk if the moderator do it but idc. I am now the most cool person in the entire universe for doing this

Anybody have the statistic to end in dominator???

We won’t until @Sionsith tells us and for that we must patiently wait…

images - 2021-04-26T184459.330


Hope it just like the aromata double tournament!!
I want dilo gen2

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I’ll probably try for a double finish on my account, I’ll sit these out on D1’s account, I just don’t have the motivation and she has the unlocks already. But I might try for titanaboa on D2’s account. I have yet to do a real tournament run on her account for a dom finish. Her lineup is probably good enough and since this is so stretched out it might be a good chance to test it.

The game plan on my account at least is to just do 1 relaxed run per day for each tournament and see where I end up on the last day and go from there. But 200-300 trophies give or take each day should put me in a reasonable position come the end.

Good luck everyone


You guys see the stats on this thing



The stats on this guy is going to break some folks Cenozoic lineups…

Its ferocity at level 40 is 22,854. Mammotherium next strongest Cenozoic is 13,515. Its like the Dilophoboa stats are pre Cenozoic shuffle before Mammotherium was nerfed and had a ferocity of 23,378.


I have both unlocked but I’ll probably participate in both. I’ll be honest though DIlophoboa’s addition just makes the Ceno nerf even less justified considering none of them can contest it lol

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So, basically a cenozoic Yudon.

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I was next to a dilophosuaurus gen 2 pack on the spin wheel xxxxxxtwo times in a row edit: three times in a row

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That happened to me too for the Spino gen 2 tourney.
Even though the prizes are predetermined

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