Dilophosauros hybrid?


Would be nice if the dilophosauros got an hybrid of larger kind and also a Venom spit which damages over time and gives 50% chance to stun for 2-3 turns

Dilophosauros is actually made up Dino by Steven Spielberg as he wanted a Dino that is like a cobra and spits venom for the first Jurassic Park movie :grin:


There was an actual dinosaur named Dilophosaurus. It was originally discovered in Triassic rocks, and was much larger IRL than in the films. It stood maybe 5-6 feet tall, and had no frill, and sorry… The real one couldn’t spit venom. That bit was made up by Spielberg. The film shortened the Dilo a bit. The one that slimed Newman from Seinfeld stood maybe 2 feet shorter than the real animal would have done.

Movies make up a lot of crazy stuff, sometimes… Even if the entire animal was real.





Reality in this case was much scarier than the movie version.


I always thought the Dilo in the movie was a hatchling or just a juvenile; I still see it that way after all these years. Still, I wish they gave the Dilo in game its cries; I always find the noises super adorable.


If they had done the Dilo up proper, instead of nerfing its height and adding that stupid frill - a 5-6 foot tall predator stalking Newman, cooing and whistling as if to say, “it’s all right, I’m being cute now. I won’t hurt you…”

And then as Newman backs away, the Dilo lurches forward, injecting venom into his calf muscle.

The rest is best left to nature documentaries. A realistic camouflaged killer. Scary.


Even in the novel, the Dilo was depicted more or less realistically. Spielberg likes to go over the top one way or another with his movies, and he nerfed the Dilo because he needed “cute but deadly”.


Lucky we haven’t seen any Dakotaraptors in-game. Those were taller than 6’.