Dilophosaurus Event


Yep; first wave was a Gallimimus event; this one is a Dilophosaurus event.
11 attempts in and I now have a Level 15 Dilophosaurus and have had one fuse on the Diloranosaurus.
Hoping that 13 more attempts will yield enough DNA for the hybrid - based on current darting average I should get about 8 attempts - that requires an average fuse of 20 which is pushing it - although my first fuse was a 40 :open_mouth:
Need a bit more Ouranosaurus (only enough for 4 attempts at the moment) but have seen 3 in the last 2 days - good timing (and surely not a coincidence). Wish I hadn’t levelled it to 16; made the same mistake with Kentrosaurus.


Its crazy to me that I see literally 25x as many epic ouran as I do rare Diloph. I have a literal cr@p-ton of ouran DNA and only a lvl 14 Diloph.


17/24; 2 more fuses - a 10 :frowning: and a 50 :slight_smile: so 110/200 and I reckon I will have 5 more fuse attempts - hope starts peeping over the horizon …


I haven’t seen a single dilo :grimacing:


I’ve had to cover some miles - I have a ~30 minute circuit that covers 7 (or 8 with a detour) event drops - assuming strike events haven’t wiped some out. Have had everything from 0 to 4 per circuit.


I walked for two hours in the city and found 5 dilos out of 50 SD or more.
EYE ROLL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
At one point I stopped taking screenshots cause the fact that I was plaid by Ludia once again became too obvious for my pride to handle :rofl::rofl:


Ouch … 5 out of 50 sucks


Halfway on attempts. Finally ready for first fuse which was 20 so can’t complain. Have to be lucky to get Diloranosaurus during this event.


Fail I’ll get some dna sometime.


Loved the post but in an “Oh no” kind of way - so close! I have 2 more attempts giving me 2 maybe 3 fuses if I do far better than my last two dartings; 140/200 so not looking good :frowning:


Good luck with the dna and the mixing.


So 25/24 dilos - yep, found one in the wild while hunting the last two who proved very elusive. Thanks to some truly attrocious darting ended up with only one more fuse which gave me a 20 so 160/200 - going to be a while to make that up.


Metahub seems out of date. Basically all I know is Dilophosaurus don’t spawn near me.

If next week doesn’t have Parasaurolophus or Suchomimus in the common part of event week probably skip it and hunt what I need.


Invested a lot of time and energy in this weeks hunt - could do with a break next week, especially on the 48er unless there’s more than one I need. :sleeping:


I could get only 10 dilos those three days, and as you saw I have a lot of green SD around. But well it is what it is. So, completing the fusing will take quite some time I guess. Oh well, let’s hunt that mono now!


Question is whether to put the DNA into Monomimus or Monostegotops. Desireability says the former but my Monostegotops is already on 140/200 so I’m tempted to complete that (I want the set!) and get Monimimus started with whatevers left.


I also have 110 in Monostegotops back before Gallimus was a thing. But I always beat them up in the areana. Dodgey bird is what I’ll go for.


You’re on your own on this one cause I don’t have that dilemma :rofl:

Monomimus is cool and I feel I always win against monostego. But no idea which one’s better…


I’ll be doing absolutely nothing… until I find a triceratops or ten :upside_down_face:


Wish I could herd some your way - there’s loads here. Levelled my Stegoceratops up to 22 last week and already have 500+ of DNA ready for the Mono :slight_smile: