Dilophosaurus Gen 2 has a bakery nest?

It doesn’t seem to be on the nests list, but I see it almost every day over the bakery shop near my house.

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Any other creatures you see over the shop? There’s usually more than one if it’s a nest, the only exception I can think of would be Velociraptor. There is the fact that sometimes creatures can spawn outside of their normal spawn zone, aside from nests that is, but I’ve always gotten the impression that it didn’t apply to the daily creatures. Everyday is also a lot of spawns for it to just be a Dilophosaurus Gen 2 to be randomly spawning, especially if it’s consistently in the same area.

I didn’t take note of what else appears, but the Dilopho so far has spawned during Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today (Monday) over the bakery. It’s good though, because I need it for Tenontorex’s genes.


For some reason another one popped up but this time he’s over a clothing store.

Your bakery must have beauty involved in it lol

I didn’t take a screenshot of it, but there was a Marsupial Lion right down the street from me in my neighborhood. So I guess my assumption of Daily creatures only being able to spawn on their designated day of the week was wrong. Maybe you’re just really lucky with Dilophosaurus Gen 2 spawns!!

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I’ve been getting a lot of Dilopho G2 also… (It’s coming in handy for my progress of Spinocon. :snake:)

I never knew dilo gen 2 had a sweet tooth