Dilophosaurus Gen 2 Tournament! 12/11 - 12/13

Dang lol, I might as well stay up, I did this week for end of JWA tourney, may as well this week lol. Really want that Omega 09 haha.


Lmao but I think it will come soon


Some data for the first hour

Really liking the colour of this guy


Not a bad first run

Here’s bottom of dom, it was rough getting up


Are you kidding me, 25 trophies for this match-up in predator?


It’s why I hate having to go through predator, very broken matchups through that league


After the ai being very very rude I now like to setup my battles like this…

Gonna work on building on creatures around this ferocity so I can just get 100 percent win rates :facepunch:

Less trophies but less headaches


Lost one match in Pred due to limit testing and another in high Pred due to stupidly difficult class disadvantage and ferocity disadvantage. Still trying to figure out the best team setup with all the new additions to the lineup. Has anyone else noticed this tournament is abnormally low in trophy count? Usually I hit Pred at this time around 130, 150 trophies but today it was 100. Also I don’t usually climb above Dom 50 in my initial run either


High dom for rn, it’s actually pretty hard. Somehow I won that

I made a half run in the tournament I will do more later on today I hope everyone finishes where they want to in the tournament good luck to everyone the spin wheel has been horrible so far I hope my luck changes even though I know that everything is pre determined on what you land on


Did my daughters 1st run this morning went fine. Think I stopped in the 400 range but was in 1st place.

Just started working on my 1st run not long ago. Just surpassed 300 trophies. I’ll probably play till I’m in 1st place. Kids got done with online school early so trying to sneak in some battles while I can.

Good luck to everyone.

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Some early data. Not quite a full first run yet. A few strange 3 block moves by the AI. Some good DNA, no packs. Up against level 40 tourneys and VIPs at the top of dominator. Good luck all…let’s crack open this new Dino :facepunch::tr::facepunch:

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Look at the state of this matchup at Dom 80. I won due to some unexpected moves from the AI, they didn’t switch out once and I built up enough reserves to get through them but I’m still surprised at this.


I have the same strategy that you, using that ferocity helps avoiding losses, a great team for me that you could do is:

Indonominus level 20
Then Rajastega level 20 or dimetrocarnus level 10
And finally diplosuchus level 10

It works great for me

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you think you have it bad pshhhh try facing what im going through i just started a month ago and my bes creatures my best 3 is a level 255 zhejiangopterous a level 20 superasauraus and a level 40 alangasauraus i used those 3 and guess what i and guess what i had to face a level 7 armormata a level 40 super cool aid and a level 40 gryposuchus and im under predator league be lucky ur not me

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level 25 zing zing

with the bad matchups im getting i just said you know what the dilouphasauraus gen 1 is good enough for me and peaced out

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I can’t enter a round with a dinosaurs under level 40 because the AI will out class me every time sometimes I get lucky and the first dinosaurs doesn’t wipe me out with one hit and every one else goes down the drain rite behind him

Predator has always been a mess, but this isn’t a normal tourney. Top of dom is throwing stuff like Indo2, Maxed VIPs, and some insane hybrids, most past level 10

Dilo2 is pretty valuable, being a solid tank I’m not surprised that it’s a hard tourney. This is going to be close for a lot of us