Dilophosaurus where are you


Anybody got any tips where to find them , I have not seen any since the last event, only need one.

It will be mine this week :smile:


Dilofosauro lives in local zone number one (spawning in day time or dawn/dusk), so when you see Euplocefalo, Litronace or Purrusauro gen 2, you are in the right zone. Keep wander around and, finger crossed, you will find one of them.

Happy hunting!


Yeah I got that pic saved to the phone but still no luck, but thanks tho.


Didn’t get to max my attempts for the special event so these are the ones I found in the wild. Might find better luck finding dilophosaurus in local zone one neighborhoods, with a decent amount of supply drops. Fortunately I live in zone 1, and dilo and megalos spawn around my area frequently. Now I just need to hunt in Local zone 2 for some ouranos and I’d be all set :grin:

Woke up to a dilophosaurus


Yep, can’t seem to find it myself. I got max attempts during the event but with 200 per fuse, I have ran out of its dna. Been in the right zone with lots of Purru around but Dilo is nowhere to be seen. It is rare but Ludia still wants 200 dna per fuse. Sheesh…


Meanwhile I’ve got tons of Dilo but haven’t seen Ourano for a long time :joy:


I have found them around universities dilo likes to read lol


Yay it took hour and half but I got it :smile: