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Diloracheirus could use some love

It’s pretty underwhelming for an unique hybrid specially because dilophosaurus it’s an exclusive creature it could use some distraction resistance and getting revenge distracting impact instead of cunning impact considering deinocheirus has revenge rampage


I really wish they would bring the old dilorach back, would probably be good again. Sadly it has been changed to raid creature, that basically almost no more me use but giving it revenge sounds like a great idea.


Yeah dilo got thrown in the bin

  1. When the new immunity system was made it got zero resistances to start with
  2. Turned it into a healer after 2.0
  3. went from having 2 rampages to 0
  4. New revenge mechanic comes out and it doesnt get a revenge move passed on from its component.
    Overall dilo just needs a rework

My take


Here’s my dilorach buff. Nothing too crazy, just some better attacks and more speed.

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Ikr It got nerfed so many times and had a chance to get buffed but ludia decides to nerf it because they want it to made their way and just make it a group creature with strikes and impacts

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Not to mention it’s slower than Erlidominus when realistically speaking it should be the same speed if not faster.


Its so disappointing that something get nerfed for ludia’s entertainment or just so they have it their way

how about a raid and pvp mode for some creatures. keep there current raid form but bring back how thet used to be before 2.0

  1. He needs new resistances
  2. Give him group cunning strike
  3. Give him a 3rd attack move
  4. Maybe a revenge ability
  5. More speed maybe 129