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Diloracheirus doesn't stunt?

I very seriously do not remember if I ever saw my Diloracheirus stunting another dino. It’s supposed to be 75% but for sure the last 7 times in a row, no luck. (And I don’t remember before that if it ever did, but I seriously don’t think so!)

Is it one of those cosmetic bug? (meaning, it does show 75% but in reality it’s 25% and I’ve been awfully unlucky). I’ve invested boosts in that dino because it’s rated tyrant, but I’m now thinking about taking it out of my team and call it a loss.

Anybody else in the same boat?

Edit: I stand corrected, one more game, and my Dilo finally landed a stunt!!!

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Sounds like you should fight one so one can stun you lol that’s how it works for me. My moves rarely stun but when I fight an opponent theirs always seems to come through.

I got the stun failures these days. Happened 4-5 times in a row, then followed by only one success for every 3-4 failures. Not only limited to Dilorach, but also Thor, Utasino and Monostego (I have these 4 stunners in my team). It just looks like it is 75% failure and 25% success or even worse. I would have won those battles if the stuns had landed. But the stuns from opponents always worked.


I usually assume these are tinfoil hat posts, and skip over them.
But my Dilo has now missed 11 stuns in a row and I’m sitting here resurrecting this one like:


Yup same here. My monstego missed 11 times in a row.

I’ve noticed a significant stun failure from my dilo too in the past gew weeks. It fails more than 50% in the past weeks. I’m glad i’m not the only one noticing this.

It always stuns me lol

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@Ned please merge my topic here.

My Tuora is even benched, not because of the failure in stuns. It doesn’t have any chance of making the second move. Tuora needs to be reworked.

It’s working “fine” for me in +5300 though it really needs a rework as you state.

When I was using my Tuora, it couldn’t survive 2 turns when opponenets used Thor or Erlidom. Its moveset is quite irrelevant in the current meta.

i simulated random here with Unity (c#).
running 1000 turns:
the maximum “in a row” fails for a 75% chances, is about 4 to 6. successes max “in a row” is between 17 to 27 most times.

11 fails in a row doesn’t make sense in a normal code.

even if @Ludia_Developers are using UnityEngine.Random instead of System.Random doesn’t make sense this much fails sequence for a single player.

for my battles i didn’t notice that. seems working as expected yet.

Many players in my alliance and also myself have realized both Dilora and Toura are stunning far way less than before.

In my case my stunners are Edmontoguana , Thor, Toura. And Thor keeps stunning almost always. But these 2 aren’t working as before.

I always count on that 25% that may fail and I am not surprised when it fails but from a time to now seems working less.

Has anyone noticed it or is it only my perception?

It’s really hard to put a finger on whether the stunt mechanic is having an off day or not. For me, Dilorac stunts rate is quite acceptable, but my rinex is more inconsistent, there was 1 time where the instant charge stunt failed twice in a battle against the same dino(tryko). My Monostego’s stunt, I have noticed recently is pretty iffy as well. But it is what it is.

I don’t have Toura but I have been saying for weeks that something secretly changed. All of the dinos I use seem to not stun as much anymore. Same goes for my opponents. I’m not talking about missing 1 per day, they are missing multiple per battle. If I know an opponent is going to instant charge, I will bring out a faster dino because there is hope I am not stunned.

Thor, Utahsino, Rinex, Mono, Dilora.

My Utah & Rinex seem to miss their stuns especially hard vs Tryko.

RNG… we know. /s

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Can @Ned or any mod try to find any information on this.

We are sure something has changed.

Tryko is less and less affected by any stuns…
Touramoloch still failing stun battle after battle. Dilora rivals still failing many many stuns against me. Great for me but on the other side I’m also not benefited from it.

Can you please have a check on it with a @dev??


ludia random algorithm is questionable.
i am noticing a reduction of crit hits.
specially thor, so many battles both mine and opponents are not critin like before. the feel is like thor has crit reduced to 20.


maybe something related to that discussion about difference of using system.random or unityengine.random generating some waves of successive sucess or fails.