Diloracheirus fusions


Could someone tell me how much Deinocheirus is needed per fuse, and how much total Diloracheirus DNA is needed to create her. Trying to figure out how much Deino to budget today before switching to Tanyc :smile: thanks!


DNA requirement for each fuse of Unique (Total 250 DNA required for creation):
Commons: 2000
Rare: 500
Epic: 200
Legendary: 50

DNA requirement for each fuse of Legendary:
Commons: 500
Rare: 200
Epic: 50


I’m going through the same process right now. Here’s my formula:
2000 x (250 / 20) = 25,000


Thank you!


This shows Deinocheirus being leveled from 1-20 and fusing Diloracheirus. It’ll give you a good idea of how much DNA it takes.


Wow that’s cool! My 3 year old said “look the dinosaur is dancing” :laughing: I think I have enough to DNA to level to 20 and maybe 4 fuses, so I gotta keep grinding. Thanks for the video