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Diloracheirus is a Glorified Diloranosaurus!

Why does Diloracheirus have the EXACT SAME moveset as it’s hybrid component Diloranosaurus and no moves from Deinocheirus???

It makes no sense at all!
Diloracheirus’ moveset just makes it a glorified Diloranosaurus!


I wouldn’t say it doesn’t make sense, but it is a little boring.


They both had the same moves before 2.0 except for 2, Diloranosaurus had Distracting Impact and Impact and Run and Diloracheirus had Distracting Strike and Rampage and Run


I’d give Dilora something like cunning rampage, revenge cunning rampage (which removes the delay), or accelerating cunning strike.

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Allosino and Thor aren’t much different. At least the dilos looks different lol

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I’d be down for giving it group speedup cunning strike, since it’s a raid dino. It doesn’t need to be identical to Tuoramoloch, but having a group speedup option might give it some utility in a few more situations.

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I agree. I would change Cunning Impact to Revenge Cunning Rampage. I would also alter GEH to Emergency Heal, but upgrade Lesser Group Heal to Lesser Emergency Group Heal.

It would pack a little more offensive firepower than Tuoramoloch and have more-instant healing, but its healing would overall be a bit weaker than Tuoramoloch.

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I guess it’s hard to be creative when you take two spots for “raid moves” instead of making them useful for both raids and arena.

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Yep, I also want something different for him, Revenge Cunning Impact.

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Yeah, this is big brain time.

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