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Diloracheirus moveset

I dont understant it’s moves

It’s 100% imune too DoT but self cleanse DoT with it’s first two moves…

If it’s 100% imune too DoT why would it need too cleanse it ?

Im a bit confused about this and im vondering if this is perhaps a mistake from the developers ?

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that’s just what cunning moves do, try not to read into it too much.

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Yeah just cuz Dilo has it and it doesn’t affect him doesn’t mean the move should be changed to other creatures lose it.

Its like Thor having Fierce Strike even tho it has Immunity to Vulnerability. The reason why they have these moves is for the other effects, like for Fierce it removes taunt, and for Cunning it Nulls any attack buffs

I think Dilorach should have resist to distraction instead of bleed. After all it had a distracting move before the update

Thor is different though. All fierce strike does different is cleanse vulnerability, because defense shattering moves also remove taunt now. Since Thor is immune to vulnerability, there is literally no reason not to just have defense shattering strike.