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Diloracheirus reeeeally needs a buff

Just stating the obvious here… It’s sad to see a creature that once was super strong become such trash. You just can’t have a vulnerable dino with just x1 moves on first turn, even if one of them distracts, doesn’t make much difference in a world of immunity. Not to mention there are tons of faster dinos out there now… I just benched my boosted level 27 Dilo and put in an UNboosted level 22 Indo2 and it was an improvement! Which also says something about this OP Indo, but anyway. Enough said…


I agree 100%


It needs like immune to stuns or decel or something or maybe just another kit rework.


More attack available turn 1 would certainly help. Possibly reverting back to its old MS with distracting impact available turn 1. And I think immune to decel would also make it relevant again. It’s crazy how times change. I remember when dilo was one of the most powerful Dino’s in the game. Now it’s a bench warmer for most


Agree i would buff him that way
Buff its speed from 129 to 130
Distraction strike becomes distraction impact
Stuning Rampage becomes stuning impact

Agree. It’s pretty sad that it’s horrible now. I stopped leveling mine up at 27 and it’s been out of my team for a while and it’s been higher than other uniques on my team.

Like mentioned the immunity meta kills this dino. It distracts slows and stuns and none of that helps it right now hardly.

Considering both of the other birds, erlidomimus and erlikospyx are beast it’s sad this one sucks.

Lemme do this for you.

Health: 3450 -> 3600
Damage: 1450
Speed: 129 -> 130
Critical: 5%
Armor: 0%

Superiority strike
Distracting strike -> Distracting impact
Greater stunning rampage
Rampage and run

Immune to deceleration


And right there is how you improve something without making it op although it parent is gonna have to get that strike

i did exactly the same. replaced Dilora with indo G2 lvl 23.

I like this but I would make one change. Health stays the same damage to 1650. Still glass cannon but now erlidom has to cloak. Two chances to kill it rather then losing head up no matter what. This way it stays glass cannon as well.


I concur.
After I got all the boosts extracted from him after the reset he was perma benched.
This was not Dilo’s meta by any means.

i just unlocked mine like 1 or 2 days ago…

It’s just another unique that is useless in the current meta.

Tuora, Erliko, Grypo, Tenontorex, all the birds except Orion, and we have epics that can wipe the floor with them.

Even a high level boosted Miragaia would beat it!

It’s high time this game began to make sense again, and the rewards for grinding uniques became worth it again. At this point we would be better of grinding Thylacotator, Yoshi, and Purutaurus over uniques of Diloracheirus standing.

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Well, tuora has 2 rampages and 1 impact. The way things are bad for dilo, i say It should get distracting impact and keep both rampages.

Agree the need to buff it. I used to have it in my team. But it is now benched. At level 24.

i think it’s downfall started with DG2 and DC…
The chickens moveset became so predictable that the opponent knew when to swap in DSR… otherwise it’d just stun and rampage and run every time. Not all too different from the new Tourmaloch

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I think it should get swap in stun and immunity to stuns and distract. If it isnt too OP and non-sensical, perhaps it could get superiority strike buffed to superior vulnerability or something? If it gets that then maybe nerf the attack a bit, since double vulnerable double rampage is OP

This way superior vulnerability could act like a set up move, to strengthen its infamous double rampages. Plus it would still be an atypical theri unique since it still wouldnt have a first turn rampage

I agree and many of the other uniques also require a kit rework and updated abilities due to all these creature updates, immunities, and new moves introduced.

Yeah, I changed to Indo2 just to try it out and I was amazed by the fact the team got better. The way Dilora is now I believe it loses one on one to most other uniques and quite a few legendaries. Terrible

Yeah like when I created it, I was excited that I unlocked another unique and then I wished it was actually worth using. It’s one of the few cool looking hybrids and I remember it being dreaded, it deserves a buff. Although it has at least had a chance to shine, while other uniqes haven’t yet.