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Diloracheirus remake

Although I do not have too many problems with the current Dilorancheirus, it has the exact same abilities as its predecessor Diloranosaurus with the only real differences between them being in the stats and resistances. Diloracheirus also inherits nothing from Deinocheirus other than a few points of speed. My remake of Diloracheirus retains some aspects of Deinocheirus as apposed to the current one, which seemed to only use Deinocheirus for the name, extra speed, and body type. I would love to see would you think of my version, and feedback on how to improve it.


I don’t think Diloracheirus really needs any changes tbh. It does it’s job well enough as it is.

But I guess I wouldn’t be opposed to upgrading Cunning Impact to Cunning Rampage, to give it some leverage over Tenontorex as far as Raids go.

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Changing Cunning Impact to Cunning Rampage would mess up the synergy it has with Mutual Fury though, which would make at least 1 Mortem strat unusable.
Changing it to something along the lines of a Cunning version of Pounce would probably be better.
Perhaps Revenge Distracting Impact with the addition of attack-buff removal and crit reduction.

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Giving Diloracheirus AOE cunning attacks would make it top tier in Gorgo raids by mitigating crit and damage increases, and we all know how the minions love to send things off the rails by buffing when they’re not supposed to.

i think he also needs to be inmune to distraction, so the emergency hael allways heal 3000.
and speed to 128 will be fine, so that it can beposible to choose between tuoramoloch or diloracheirus for raid.also the acceleration wll need to be of 20 porcent so that will be viable to use it instead of tuoramoloch.

Why does it need to accel? Its not a toura clone


because it makes sense, because of deinocheirus dna, and to be agood healer easier to get.because he dont share dna with dioraja.

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I mean considering tuo is a hadrosaur, and dilo has therizinosaurid(i know it’s an ornithomimid but the rig and the moves and stuff) DNA, and especialy as a cunning, AND considering dilo has an execlusive conponent it would make way more scense if dilo would be the one to accelerate


I like the Acceleration. It honestly makes more sense on Diloracheirus because of it’s Deinochierus ancestry. And it’s not an instant 50% speed boost like Toura has (only 10% for each Accelerating move) so it still doesn’t take it’s niche, but it definitely gives it a bit more utility. I don’t think cunning Impact really needed to change though.


i don’t really like the fact that dilorac has the same exact moveset as dilorano as well but i would probably change dilorano’s moveset

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It is a cunning after all