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Diloracheirus rework

Now this is just a personal preference and I know about 50% of your are gonna say: No CaUse rAidS man. But not everything is about raids plus the only one that it’s good in is the mortem raid and even then there are other strategies that can be used. Still other completely rely on it for there mortem raids so we must take that into consideration. However this rework is more if raids didn’t exist or raid and PvP kits would be separate. So here are three options I’ve come up with that I think work well.


Which do you guys think would work well? I’m not really good at calculating matchups and stuff but Ik some of you are so let me know which actually works best and if you have any reworks of your own for this dino or maybe for its parent as well. Anyway cast your vote

Diloracheirus rework poll
  • Rework #1
  • Rework #2
  • Rework #3

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I think I might do more hybrids that need fixing leave any suggestions for what the next one should be.