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Diloracheirus rework?

I think Dilocherius needs a heavy rework because at the moment is seems like a trash toura.
Also its moveset is the exact same as its legendary component
I honestly think that dilo should have a rampage maybe cunning rampage.
This is my ideal moveset
Cunning strike
Lesser group heal
Distracting impact
Cunning rampage.
Also with some changes to its stats maybe more dmg or speed.
Would love to hear your opinions on this.

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All she needs. She’s meant for raids, so no removing the 2x heal


Yeah that looks better forgot about the whole revenge thing
But it under performs in raids compared to other creatures.
Why use dilo when you can use toura.
But yeah the funny thing is that the rare dilo has the rampage move and the unqiue doesn’t

Mortem raids. Spyx/Erlidom, phorusaura, dilo, and u can use another dilo or tenrex. Smooth going, no need for tuora

Do you think the stats need changing aswell or are they fine?
I think the damage and health are fine its just the speed for me but speed is no use in raids anyway.
I just remember the old dilo with 2 rampages.
But yeah will have to try that mortem strategy.

They’re fine. For a cunning, it has very high hp

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Yeah it feels more like a Cunning resilient then cunning.
But I see why they made it cunning because it has no armour and it can’t shield.

It’s just a lazy copy and paste of Dilorano.

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I think it dost need 2 heals

Ideally Ludia would’ve made separate kits for PvP and raids. Dilorach is probably the biggest case of this, as it could be an awesome 1v1, but held back due to being a raid Dino.

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The problem with this rework, like all the others is that it ruins the Indo G2 strat for Mortem. I guess not enough people care about it for it to matter.
Another alternative to coming up with separate raid and arena movesets is to break the 4 move cap on certain raid creatures. You could give Dilorach a 5th move that’s good in the arena.

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YES. Give my Eddie greater stunning rampage PLEASE!

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So old eddie, back in action. I miss that

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Dude I feel like Eddie would still be REALLY good in raids with its old moveset, since it still has a heal

Yes. Regenerate and Run. Maybe group regenerate and run? Or group cleansing strike, resilient impact, lesser group heal, and greater stunning rampage

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What about the emergency group heal like paralux

nah, only para lux can keep that. So it’ll stay unique

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Fair. I think Eddie should have group cleaning/superiority strike, greater stunning impact (rampage if it keeps resilient impact), and resilient rampage if it has greater stunning impact, or the latter if it’s the other way. Oh and the heal don’t know about that one, maybe even group heal, like tsintao?


Yeah I think just the group heal would be good, although it might not be as good in pvp. Maybe the greater emergency heal thingo would be better.

  • Eddie should be buffed
  • Eddie should be reworked
  • Eddie should get a separate moveset
  • Eddie op lol pls ban

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