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Diloracheirus VS Tenontorex (JWA Battles #9)

Welcome back to JWA Battles! It’s been a while… anyway, again, we play the game by choosing some of JWA’s hybrids and pitting them in a fight, and determining the winner by weight, length, height, bite force, and weapons.

Last time, we had the possibly the closest battle ever between Quetzorion and Dracoceratosaurus, but Quetzorion’s speed and physical power was enough to take the cake.

This time, we have a battle between two forgotten dilo hybrids that became relevant in the new 2.0 update! Diloracheirus, the… ornithomimid hadrosaur theropod? I think so. And tenontorex the… hadrosaur theropod. Ok, let’s do this!

Height: 14 Ft
Length: 17 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 200 Pounds (Small jaws, so probably doesn’t matter)
Advantages: Faster and better weaponry
Disadvantages: Smaller and physically weaker

Height: 16 Ft (Biped Mode)
Length: 22 Ft (Biped Mode)
Weight: 3 Tons
Bite Force: 500 Pounds (Again, jaws are small. Could be higher due to T-Rex DNA, however)
Advantages: Larger and physically stronger
Disadvantages: Limited weaponry and is slower

A Utahsinoraptor is seen hunting a juvenile Tenontorex. A Diloracheirus is helping himself to a bush, and the juvenile Tenonto runs under, but Utahsino bumps into Dilorach, who isn’t happy with it. A mature Tenonto shows up, looking for its child before the Utahsino runs past him. The Dilorach, still angry, swipes its claws at Tenontorex, who moves and rams Dilorach to counter. Dilorach swipes again, missing 2 times. but lands the third hit, leaving a scar on Tenonto’s face. Tenontorex bites Dilorach’s hand, and tail whips him, followed by a headbutt. Dilorach tries to bite Tenonto to return the favor, but misses. Dilorach then swipes 3 successful times before biting and ending the combo with a tailwhip. Tenonto finally has enough and, in Defense Shattering Rampage style, headbutts Dilorach and ends with another, in Superiority Strike style, both appearing as critical hits, sealing the deal. Dilorach falls over, and Tenontorex makes a triumphant stance, then turns to make his way home. Meanwhile, Utahsinor decides to help himself to the Dilorach, who gets up and roars at Utahsino, who flees. Dilorach clumsily walks over to the bush.

This was another close battle. Once again, this came down to physical and weaponry strength, with both ends being quite obvious. Of course, that alone didn’t determine Tenonto’s victory. Tenonto’s slight size weight, and what little applicable bite force was available also played a role. Of course, Dilorach’s higher speed and better weaponry meant a few wins was possible, but overall just couldn’t handle Tenonto’s shear power and durability, making the winner of this battle Tenontorex!


Do you agree with this episode? Calcs? Did you enjoy the fight? Leave your thoughts in the comments! the next fighters will be revealed. I was about to do **** ********* VS *** ****, but that’ll be the 100th episode. Can you guess what it will be? Instead, we’ll do this one!

Next time: Edaphocevia VS Monolometrodon


Every time my tenontorex fights dilorach it wins

Lol why dilorach so small :sweat_smile:

Considering it’s was near rex size

Meanwhile tenato ummm…


Oh yeah, I forgot that deino was the 50%. I don’t know which one I thought was there, but looking at the height it seems pretty fair for dilorach, tenonto seems to be too tall, but I still do think it should be a bit smaller.


True but I mean more length and weight

Cause idk how ya got 2 tons there buddy :joy:

When’s the next one coming out? @SonicNTGD

Tomorrow since I won’t be doing anything important that day

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Ok, am excited, tomorrow is #10! yay

Huh that little hint about Battle #100 has stumped me!! @SonicNTGD

Is the battle out yet? @SonicNTGD

6 more hours since I’ve found something to do, but it’s not much

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