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Diloracherius line rework

I think that Dilo is too slow, I’ve bumped up its speed to 126 and given it distraction resistance.

Ouranosaurus is wayyy to slow, I’ve bumped it up to 118 and decreased its damage a bit.

Dilorano switches from healer to more of a wild card, it gains a swap out heal, cleansing strike, and greater stunning rampage to match Ourano. Distracting impact, distraction resistance, and the speed to match Dilo.

My opinion, its fine as it is.

Touramoloch over shadows Dilorach so much that its nots viable. I’ve reworked it to work better for PvP and might be viable for raids.

What are your thoughts, suggestions?

I will give Dilophosaurus Nullifying Strike back

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Cunning Strike
Greater Stunning Impact
Lesser Group Heal
Greater Emergency Heal

I would like the move set to be:

Nullifying strike, Revenge rampage, Greater emergency heal, Lesser group heal