Diloracheurus vs Tuaramoloch



That dmg nerf of tuoramo hurt alot xd


Diloracheri is just “that ver.1.3 Dilorano” nerfed atk & hp, add +3 spd.:joy:

Yeah, +3spd is still important. That means you can directly act faster than I-raptor.


Yes the 129 speed is what it needs to reach the top. I’m still missing some deinocheirus :blush:


Lol tuoramoloch stats what!?! Like the runtiest unique and just like param limited to basic 1x att for 1st turn. No wonder they are cramming styg DNA in every 8 hour incubator and in daily kill rewards ROFL!:joy:


Yup! It became a crap unique. Already benched it. :joy::joy::joy:


I have more Deinocherus than I know what to do with, and so little Ouranoaurus that I’ve accepted I’ll never get the unique. :frowning: