Dilorancherus Needs Help

Dilorancherus should be a staple of raids during to its distracting and healing capabilities and although it appears in some of the raid strategies for some raids it’s usually never used due to toura being and overall better Dino. Dilorancherus needs a bit of help.

I propose a small change as shown below just to give it a bit more utility in raids.

Let me know what you all think, it’s a fantastic looking Dino it’s just lacking in some regards and it would be nice to see it get more play


Honestly, this needs to happen. It’s fused with exclusive dna so it should be pretty dang good, right? Wrong… I have a large amount of rare dilopho dna from the recent months, but I haven’t even bothered wasting coins on Dilorach due to it being practically useless in raids and the arena. It needs some tweaking for sure. Back in the day, it used to be pretty strong in the arena until they tweaked its moves for the worse. I think they owe Dilorach a favor by giving it a makeover.


honestly even keep its atk at 1500 and this is perfect; it will be on par of tuora then

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Yeah I debated whether or not the damage should change. But it is in par with toura for damage, and has more health than toura by 150