Diloranosaurus counters


What is the best counter to Diloranosaurus which isn’t a unique or a Stegodeus? This thing is so damn strong.


I use these to pwn dilo
My dilourano
my other two team options I’m using get wrecked by it lol (pyri an Rex) Anything tanky should do as its a speedy Dino which are generally outdone by speedier dinos or tanks, though dilo has superiority strike to deal with speedsters.


Get a tank in. Put up your shields and keep slowing it down (you get to hit twice then). Then keep grinding it until it dies or switches out. Stegodeus will do just fine.


4-5level higher stegoceratops if you can effort this thing has no cheap counter for them just same rarity tank, magnapyrritor, erlindominus, some unique or overlevel tank of lower rarity


Anything with superiority strike. It works best when you have a heavy attack to do after slowing them down.


Yup, countering DIlourano is all about superiority strike with a tank. Or an immune dino that doesn’t get bogged down by the stunning and damage reduction.


why can’t it be stegodeus? it’s ingredients are all global spawns and is probably one of the easiest legendaries to make and is probably the best counter to it. superiority strike + armor piercing rampage will kill it or get close usually.


@CleverBoy YEP LOL. High leveled stegodeus will molly whip a diloranosaurus :joy:


Yep my Stego beat it…it is a great counter…


If played right it won’t. Stun and then switch. Bring in something else for 1 hit and then do it again. Bye bye stegadeus


except stun has a 1 turn delay. so superiority strike/thagomizer, armor piercing rampage. bye bye dilo


You don’t always get it in your hand. Can’t rely on it as your only counter.


I had a 19 diloran take out my 23 monosteg and 22 stegocera thanks to not landing a single stun :joy: he landed all of his


except when the match up being discussed is stegodeus vs dilo :+1:


Rng can suck so hard in this game! with monosteg I try to win the speed war to get stun attempt off first. If you stun first u win also mono steg crits fairly regularly so fairly reg 2 shots a dilo


Not if you get distracting impacted.


Counter with another dilo 1 level down. Yes I know it sounds weird


Not everything is a 1 to 1 trade. Slow/kill it, or at least dent it and finish with something faster. Remember, sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.

As a matter of fact, a lot of things get stronger as time goes on. Gorgo, dilo, instant charge things - a lot of times losing one of your dinos is a good thing.