Diloranosaurus have now 200 less attack gz


Another dino who cost me hard effort to lvl at 21 and now kick out of the team gg

Diloranosaurus, Nerfed to uselessness
Diloranosaurus HUGE damage nerf
[News] Jurassic World Alive | Creature Stats (Diplocaulus Havoc)
Diloranosaurus useless now
Diloranosaurus nerf attack too much

This is some kind of business scam, you should request a refund if you spend hard cash in it.

Like someone trying to sell you a 1000 sqft house, but when you’d paid your cash, they said it has been reduce to 800 sqft.


Yes I had to rely on crit to take out a lower level stegoceratops. What a pain


Anyone notice any other silent buffs/nerfs?
Are dots working as health based now?


Totally agree. This is not correct at all. I don’t even own a dilorano and I feel the injustice.
Anyway. This tournament got me quite mad. I’m gonna leave the app and the forum till tomorrow so I can maybe interact with you all again without being an angry mess :sweat_smile::tipping_hand_man:t3:


I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that’s furious about just how nerfed they did Dilorano. Decreased its damage by 200?! What the hell are you thinking? It’s a Legendary that took me so much time and effort and long, long walks just to acquire enough DNA just to create it and that’s not including all the hunting I’ve done since than to level it up. Now its absolutely useless and gets just wrecked in arenas due to it being squishy and now its attacks might as well be throwing rocks at the other dino. I could easily go through 1 dino easily and maybe get another one or at least get them down enough that my next dino finishes the job but now I’m lucky if i can get through one dino without having to use impact and run. Another legendary that I busted my ass off for just to see them nerf it to the ground. Say hello to to your new bunkmate Megalosuchus.


I wondered why the damage wasn’t as much, that’s crap, he’s one of my favourites


Utility but useles dino now, have no dmg in a tank meta, mine is lvl 21 he did 2,2k dmg whit stun, now doing 1,5k… Another dino to the trash, they want we have full team of tanks.
Dilorano past from apex to utility trash tier


In the past like everyone’s teams of raptors.


Just a way for Ludia to make money, we spend all our coins, they change the attacks and we must start over again without coins. They just hope we are not patience and buy the coins … same as the tournament pay to win …


Dilorano was amazing. I’ll admit that in the beginning it was hard to get past the fact that it looked like a bad hybrid photoshop edit minus the Scotch tape lol but the more I used it the more it grew on me and became my most played dino not just because it was useful but because it looked kinda cool if you forgot the looks of the parents and looked at it as a unique creature in it’s own right. Now everytime I use it its lost that luster of being useful and now being “Oh, I hope I hit a crit so I can do some serious damage”. It’s now weak… in such a way that makes its value on the battlefield significantly less. No matter how much I like it and want to use it, I can’t. Due to meta I can no longer save a spot on my team for a ‘Kinda’ useful dino. Goodbye old friend. Say hello to the last one they did this too as well, Megalosuchus…


Could someone post the new stats ?


I haven’t been able to create mine yet, but was hopeful I’d have enough Dilo DNA by the end of this week’s event to get her. Now I’m not sure I care. I’ll admit though, running into opponents who would start a match with her would put a good dent in my team before I could take her out. Seems like they over-compensated though, judging by everyone’s reaction.


I predicted there would be an attack nerf, it’s way higher than its ingradients. However, I didn’t expect a 200 drop, it’s too much. :joy:


200 is way too much. It doesn’t do enough damage to justify keeping it on your team. This game is based off speed and damage. If you do t have that than you need to be able to take the hits and dish out the debuffs. The only problem with Dilorano is that it has decent health but might survive 3 hits before KO. Before the nerf that wasn’t a problem because you could nerf their damage or stun them and take them out but now you can’t damage them enough to take then out before your debuffs run out and they take you out. Dilo is a glass cannon… or at least it was. Now it’s a useless legendary that requires ridiculous amounts of DNA just for a Dino that you can’t even use in the arena. It’s truly sad really.


Agreed, was my go to opener and now considering taking it off the team. 200 is way too much of a nerf!


according to metahub only Gallimimus was made faster. 124–>130


THIS IS BULL! I spent so much time and gas trying to create diloranosaurus because not only was it really cool it actually had use…what’s the point in even dishing out the effort to get a top tier dino of ludia is just gonna nerf it to the point of uselessness…especially on the event week that actually gave you the hardest ingrediant to obtain…how can anyone justify using gas and time to get a dinos level just for ludia to put a shotgun to its head and pull the trigger twice…


DoT is still based on attack not HP.


Well I’m glad I didn’t use coins leveling mine up. I was almost ready to bring it up to the proper level for battles but I guess I’ll pass now. I also don’t feel bad for anyone who got screwed by this because I took a harder hit with the raptor nerf with more money invested in it that any Dilorano, so good luck to you all! Haha