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Diloranosaurus Nerf


Diloranosaurus unfortunately got nerfed 200 damage again. :frowning:


They didn’t said that in patch note.
Why it always been Dilorano.:rofl:


wonder if it is the same glitch… will have to see


The unique hybrid has its old damage.


Or maybe they had to to make its new unique better than it without making it ROFLstomp material???


Im get tired of that dinosaurs, just kick of my team forever


The new dilourano is prob the dilocherous or what’s it called shouldn’t be too much of a farm if you already had dilourano at high lvl


I JUST made the thing. :man_facepalming:t3:


Damn, why…


Lol I just got a 6 raptor team to lvl 15 b4 they turned raptors into free enemy kills at least there’s a bunch of new stuff. Unlike that time!


Whatever. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten below 200 before swap. Probably won’t affect me.


I think if they nerf the damage they should at least bump up the crit percent to give a slight RNG edge.


I hate finding this out after I’m already in a battle, switch to Dilorano because I “know” it will finish opponent off with an impact, but nooooooooo…

Hopefully it gets reverted back again, otherwise I have a new opening on my team.


Forgive me as I copy/paste this from another thread but I did the maths and it’s 4800 more Dilo, 1200 more Ourano and 27.5K Deinocheirus just to get the old Diloranosaurus back! :cry: I guess at least he’d be lvl 21 but still! (And that’s assuming a generous 30 hybrid per turn on the Dilorano!)


They need to sell the Dilophosaurus incubator, that’s why they undo the nerf previously. Since the sale was over, they nerf it again.


Wore my shirt again today: