Dilpodocus and darwinopterus, Has anyone seen any?

It is assumed that these two new epic have appeared since the last version but I have not seen any, has anyone seen them?

Looking in Metahub the Darwinopterus should appear near parks and embassies (for those who live in a country / state capital with embassies). In the same list do not appear the diplodocus so I do not know where they should appear. Maybe it’s just an incubator / event creature. It is more curiosity than anything else because, in the same way that happens with the almost nonexistent Erlikosauro, for me they and their descendants will simply be in the realm of useless “oddities”.

I’ve seen a Darwinopterus at a park.

Darwi spawns in parks but its really rare, diplodocus doesnt spawn in the wild.

I got a Darwinopterus in a park (I live on a huge one…with 1 drop, go figure). Darted 136/150. Gutted.

I just saw that I have 97 “Darwin” DNA! I guess I captured it near a park by train and that’s why I did not remember it. Well, if I had an appearance in 2 weeks, in a couple of years I reached level 15, LOL.

I got Darwinopterus after using a normal free 5 min scent at a park.

I got a Darwin in a park near my house as well, still need 2 dna strands to create it…lol

Mines level 11 after creating it. It’s going to be lethal if I get it levelled up. Have not see Diplodocus.