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Dimetrocarnus and it’s selling power

So I’ve see that DCarnus has a ridiculous 31K DNA sell value, but I also know that selling them might not be worth it given your lineup. If I can consistently finish in Dom, am I clear to sell any excess copies of Dime, or should I try and evolve them to push for better PvE?

Also sidenote, would selling Diplosuchus be a bad idea? It’s 19.5k, and it’s pretty easy to get ahold of compared to Dime


Unless you have excess carnivores then no. Definitely not recommended

Can I see your lineup ?


The game isn’t just about finishing in Dom. It can be if that is what you want.

Others want L40s of every Dino.


Since the option to select the DNA for codes 19 and PVE was added, I found in dimetrocarnus a great DNA generator, basically every Monday I get 1 and sell it right away, per month they are approx 120K DNA.

Sure, I have 12 at level 10 for my tournament runs, (I don’t use anything stronger than that in dominator, FMF strategy).

So personally I would recommend it if you have enough dinos. Likewise, optimize your 19 codes to get 60 SADN + the SADN of the PVE and manage to incubate 1 every Monday.


I’m of the mindset that I need the DNA over more carnivores. The DNA I invest elsewhere in my lineup.

As for DimetroCarnus, it’s the best superhybrid in terms of selling for DNA. For every 1 SDNA, it equals 37.35 DNA.

Diplo is only 29.15 DNA per 1 SDNA.

Spinota is actually slightly better than Diplo at 31.75 DNA per SDNA.

I forgot the equation for which one produces more DNA over time, but IIRC it’s Dimetrocarnus.

So if you are well into a carnivore-heavy roster or even a totally balanced roster then I’d recommend selling Dimes to invest the DNA into other classes, maybe even other parks.


I was all down for selling them excess ones out before Reece has opened my eyes. They are really utilized creatures and without reaching a decent number of high level ones, I find it as kind of a waste of some valueable source. I have quite a number in my paddocks between 10 and 30 lvls, so I have a bit more work before start selling them excess ones off. Talking about Dimetros and Diplosuchus for sure, rest of them are out of argument in my book: Hard to earn, hard to have in numbers and with high power. So why sell?

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Does that mean I should invest my dna into dimes so I can sell them and get more stuff? I’m currently debating between a few choices:

  1. Get another segno
  2. Get a diplosuchus
  3. Get dimes to sell for later
  4. Get an ostapo
  5. Get tapejalocephalus
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I think it is a reasonable idea to sell Dime’s for DNA but I think how good of an idea it is depends on your end goals, what your current lineup is and how you play the PvE, PvP and tournaments.

sHybrids are super strong right out of the hatcher from lvl 1-10 which makes them really really useful and valuable for players under the 7k ferocity range (give or take). But all sHybrids have diminishing return type stats compared to other dino’s as you go up fusion levels. This makes them not quite as useful for players in muich higher ferocity levels. (excluding Indoraptor)

A lvl 10 Spinotasuchus starts with a ferocity just between a lvl 10 Yudon and lvl Scorpios rex. But at lvl 40 only has 12770 ferocity, where both Yudon and Scorpios surpass that somewhere between lvl 21 and 29.

So in the long run an army of them is not going to be super useful and since the game is so carno heavy you can afford the trim the fat in some area’s and if that area is DIme then that is not a terrible idea.

I made the correlation the other day that 1 dime hatched = 1 Ostapo in the bank which is currently the 2nd strongest amphib in the game.


That’s what I’ve been thinking, tournaments have been super easy and I’ve never had trouble with PvE’s (although I tend to skip weekends due to some paranoia surrounding tourneys) or depth, so I figured that DNA would be better spent towards more copies of Cera and Gorgo or some new hybrids like Yudon or Pachygalo. I figured being able to have all that DNA would really bolster my lineup without going too high too fast. I planned to keep 2 and then sell after that

@SmilodonTroodon this is my lineup, I know I look a little weak on Carno’s but Metri is seriously underrated, especially given its cooldown.

Edit: I’m sorry half are on cooldown, I’d just done a tourney run

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can’t say I have ever heard anyone claim Metria as “underrated”


Well, maybe underrated isn’t quite the right word, but I’ve had a ton of success using Metri in tourney runs