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Dimetrocarnus In JWA (+ Carnoraptor)

Here we are with more JWTG hybrids being added to JWA. I did this I don’t know how long ago, but this time I’ll just focus on the latest superhybrid, Dimetrocarnus.

If Dimetrocarnus was added to JWA, how would it play out?

Well, for one thing, we’d have another Mammolania and Entelolania crisis, but I degress.

Firstly, we need Carnoraptor.

(Pyroraptor + Carnotaurus)
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Wild Card
Health: 3000
Attack: 1200
Speed: 125
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

Cleansing Cunning Strike
Distracting Vulerability (1.5, Distract For 2 Turns And Apply Vulerable For 2 Attacks (Usually, the counter combined with an attack or another counter)
Group Shield

Minor Rending Counter

100% Deceleration Resistance

Because of its immense survivability potential, its health is lower than either parents’ and its damage is a bit lower than its dromaeosaurid parent. The same potential also only grants it the minor rending counter, since it is faster than most opponents. It can still cleanse, inherited from its counterattacking parent, and gains deceleration resistance due to mostly being anti-tank.

Thoughts on this Carnoraptor?

  • OP!
  • It’s balanced.
  • Buff it.

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Now for what you came for, the Dimetrocarnus.

Rarity: Unique
Type: Wild Card
Health: 3500
Attack: 1300
Speed: 122
Armor: 0%
Critical: 40%

Cleansing Cunning Strike
Distracting Vulnerability
Fierce Rampage
Long Protection

Rending Counter

25% Swap Prevention
75% Distraction
100% Critical Reduction
100% Speed Reduction
100% Damage Overtime
100% Vulnerable
100% Stun
25% Rend

It maintains low health, once again because of its survivability. It gains a lot of resistances in comparison to Carnoraptor, basically the same as Magna’s besides the better distraction resistance and the worse swap prevention and rend. It will be able to counter attack consistently, with it only being weakened by up to 75% (mostly due to cunning creatures not being affected by rending as much.) It can take on creatures such as Ardentismaxima and Geminititan, but usually loses to creatures such as Magnapyritor and Quetzorion.

Thoughts on this Dimetrocarnus?

  • OP!
  • It’s balanced.
  • Buff it.

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That’s all I got here, share your thoughts on Dimetrocarnus in the comments and keep the discussion going (until it’s too late to post.)

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dimetrodon already has two hybrids. mix it with dimetrodon gen 2. the sail also looks more like the gen 2 dimetrodon

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Nodopatosaurus: Am I joking with you?

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I mean it wouldn’t hurt. The pteraquetzal in jwtg uses a Pteranodon Gen 2 instead of a gen 1. Thing is, it got its crit chance from Dime’s critical impact.

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About to say something but can’t

Sorry just saw this but
I want this
This is not your fault but
I don’t like jwtg design it’s ugly
Maybe mix it with dinetri but make it just have a sail on its back not the body

I know it’s a maxima body but imagine it as a raptor body