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Dimetrocarnus Preview (JWA Battles Previews)

Dimetrocarnus, meaning “Two Measures Of Carnivore,” which is kinda inaccurate since this is a superhybrid, is a fusion of Pyroraptor, Carnotaurus, and the Dimetrodon. Whether it has the ability to cloak like the Jurassic World Carnotaurus, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it weighs around 1.5 tons, has a bite force of 1,400 pounds, and able to reach speeds of 16 mph, once again at the lowest rate. Dimetrocarnus’ weapons are also deadly, equipped with horns and claws.

Ok, ok, we’re done here. Come back next week for the full episode of Magnapyritor VS Dimetrocarnus.

Predict the winner!

  • Magnapyritor
  • Dimetrocarnus

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Oh yes, Dimetrocarnus looks something like this


So yes, the technical first Jurassic World The Game Fighter despite the fact we have had Megachelon and Dunkleosaurus make appearances

amazing hybrid! wish we had a common superhybrid