Dimetrodon, Dimetrodon everywhere!

Took the puppers for a walk and I saw no less than 7 Dimetrodon within 45 minutes. Including these two here chilling on the corner.

And here are the worn out puppets.


I‘m jealous right now. Don‘t have puppies but wish I did. :hugs::hugs:
And Dimetrodons in that number would soulve my Tryostronixproblem.

I only see two or three in a week. Postosuchus or Touingasaurus (no idea how to write it lol) are way more often to see.

Very nice!

I’ve been seeing them and postosuchus all over the place since the migration.

If I have those Dimetrodon……:sob::sob::sob:

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I need to get my demetri and pyri to 20 before I can work on him.

What migration? I’ve been seeing the same old dinos where I am since I started playing 3 months ago.

Didn’t we get one last month? I’ve noticed a huge difference in the dinos around me.

Well not where I live. :face_with_monocle:

@Tarbosaurus im stuck in that same place :sob:image

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