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Dimetrodon Gen 1 Spawns


So I live in a Zone 1, where Dimetrodon used to spawn frequently. Since the update, I’ve heard it now spawns in Zone 3, and tonight I managed to get up to 240 on magna. I really want dimetrodon, but I want to make sure: does dimetrodon now spawn in Zone 3, and if so is it a daytime creature. I don’t want to waste my rare scent tomorrow.

Leave your comments below, I appreciate all the feedback.


I live in zone one too and I haven’t seen any since the update. However I did stop by zone three today and I did snag a dimetrodon while there. Can’t firmly say if this means dimetrodon is no longer a zone one spawn tho

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Well that is unfortunate, all I have heard is that it’s zone 3. Could you tell me if you saw it at night or day?


Saw it around afternoon today. Should have still been during day spawn time


I saw a dime at night in L3. Probably an all day spawn.


I saw it at night when I got home an hour ago… I was shocked, and figured it migrated here as a night spawn.


funnily enough i did wonder. i live in zone 3 and last night one spawned outside my house.


can confirm - Dimetrodon spawned in L3 - residential area, nothing special there, evening, my homezone so never seen before there

also spawned from a rare scent in L3 at night time

(my rare (stationary) scent in L3 gave me 8 rares out of 10 spawns - is that normal? last 2 spawns were diplocaulus :expressionless:)


8 out of 10 is not common … your only guranteed one but i prolly average 3 rares per rare scent


I live in l3 and seen dime at night :wink: