Dimetrodon Red Resistance

Should Dimetrodon have rend resistance? Secondo, Eda have it, so it should run in the family!

I don’t know if this has to do with anything, this will prob upset the veterans of this game, but seco and eda are epics, dimetrodon is a rare, to me it makes sense seeing the difference in why dimetrodon doesn’t have rend resistance


They are better in attacks and stats, isn’t that enough to distinguish epic from rare? Plus, many common and rares of other families share key characteristics with epics in the family

Speaking of resistances that don’t make sense - why does Thor have DOT resistance

to make it more useful in daryx raid I believe

An indirect nerft to bleeders…


Will you do somthing with Daryx and other bleeders and No escapers!! This is absolute mess!

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