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Dimetrodon SDNA

For the last few months there has been no way to get any dimetrodon SDNA. This includes rewards for completing events (spinning wheels), SDNA packs, daily rewards, or any other method.

It’s like Ludia accidentally forgot to update the game to allow players to continue to collect SDNA and create dimetrocarnus.

Any chance we can get this fixed?



As of now except in the VIP S-DNA building there’s no way to get Dimetrodon DNA anymore, tbh I thought it would have been added by now but oh well.

However you can grab some extra Dimetrodon DNA from the community event, I think it’s up to 17 per card. Would be helpful if you were just a few units away from another copy/unlock.


Unfortunately this is standard operation for Ludia. Once a new SDNA is no longer in rotation it can be quite some time before it is added to the PvP section to be farmed, typically it takes a new SDNA to be added before the old new one gets added to PvP.

Hopefully I am mistaken but fear I won’t be.


Has it happened before, @Sionsith…? When was the last time?

I don’t recall this ever happening. Usually Ludia offers SDNA as a reward for whatever the most recent superhybrid they’ve released for several months, then they place it in the “rotation” with all the other superhybrid SDNA’s. Definitely making it available as a random drop in SDNA packs.

Good find on seeing that it was in the pack for the community event. Maybe they realized their error and are going to put it back in the rotation now.

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I was wandering through old posts for another issue, and I saw discussion from November 2019 bemoaning the inability to get Kaprosuchus s-DNA after it had been pulled from rotation


Every time a new SDNA comes out and is replaced with an old SDNA the leaving rotation new one is locked away, it only reappears in some way after a newer SDNA comes out or gets put back in rotation.

At least this is how my brain remembers the actions from the past.


Oh okay! Thanks a lot!

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I am Very luckyScreenshot_20210414-204019

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Everyone got that, it was the reward for the community event.

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sorry, but for me there is no s-dna dimetrodon problem.

They mean that you can’t get dimetrodon s-dna from normal s-dna packs (this one was specifically dimetro so it doesn’t count) or modded.

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okay, but he also talks about daily mission, and in my daily s-dna missions there is dimetrodon s-dna.

Really? That’s odd… I thought it had changed for everyone to euplocephalus and velociraptor instead of dimetrodon and velociraptor.

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Check again

the dimetrodon s-dna was still there this morning, and there it is, euoplocephalus s-dna.

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Blacksaber, can you post a screenshot please?

the bug is gone, and I didn’t take a screenshot, sorry :grimacing:

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I got that pack to