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Diminishing Alliance Rewards For Lower Levels

I do just as much if not more work to reach our alliance goals and now you’re going to give me less for it?

That is utter garbag!!!

Equal work equal rewards.


I agree. Why should you shoot the same amount of darts, do the same amount of battles, open the same amount of incubators, get the same amount of drops as a lvl 20 but get less rewards? I mean your work allowed them to get their rewards. They couldn’t do it without you. If it were a single event for a single reward I would get it. But it’s a team effort. Many alliances couldn’t get that 5/4 or 4/4 without their non lvl 20s. So why should they reap the full benefits. And I’m lvl 20 btw.


Is that a thing now? Didn’t know about that

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Yup stating monday

Ludia being Ludia. Why am I not surprised😒

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Another example of Ludia applying some kind of flawed logic.
We should be encouraging new players, so if they are doing the same work as the rest of the alliance they should be rewarded accordingly. This isn’t rocket science is it?
Not only do new players have to wait till they hit level 10 to use boosts, Ludia made them worthless to them. And now they get hit with this bombshell.
When will Ludia learn that if it ain’t broke it doesn’t need fixing.
And plenty in this game is broken, and does need fixing.
This isn’t one of those things that needed fixing.


Ludia: since we’ve had a few screwups recently I want to start November off good. Let’s throw in some good dinos for alliance missions, and let carbo be monthly daily reward. What else can we do?

Employee one: Fix the chat bug?
Employee two: fix the supply drops?
Employee three: hose over lower levels for not getting the same alliance rewards as higher levels.

Ludia: employee three you are promoted. The other two of you are fired.


Yes, it’s like… New players are way behind older ones. So lets find ways to get them even further from the old players, so no matter how much they play, the gap will just increase, until they realize this game isn’t for them, but just for the top 500 or so players, and then they will quit!


At least Ludia won’t be gaining anything. But then it’s still a losing situation for new players so…

We need the numbers… what level of scaling are we talking about here, and what are the base amounts?

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I can go either way on this subject I’ve had some people in my alliance that have been in since the beginning of alliances but yet they’re still level 14-15 this is a way make people that don’t want level up to higher level & I am fine with it!!

So here’s my two cents. The reason this was even an issue to begin with is that Sino was the reward for WAAAAY too long. Given that the rewards are now (typically) two weeks, the fact that lower levels are getting “more” is negligible. The issue only compounds when it’s the same dino month after month after month.

This change basically says the lower level player in alliance are less worthy than their higher ranked counter parts, when in fact, it’s probably the opposite. Why would you want to discourage those out there (new players) from playing the game as much as possible? You already know the level 20’s are committed, why disincentivize the rest?


This company never ceases to amaze me… their priorities should be increasing ways to get new players involved in the game…you got 280kish players active in arenas this season and of that number 9k are above 5k trophies.

You push more players up the ladder… to get a healthier end game so you dont have to put in a 120 second timer to stop people from battling bots to earn boosts… if you had more people at end game people wouldnt need to be battling bots.

Is it some kind of a Canadian thing?
Because here in England we sure aren’t used to having something given to us in one hand and taken away again later.
Rewards have been equal since they were introduced so plenty of players will be used to them being that way as they progress.
And now they have to get used to the fact that Ludia see them as somewhat less worthy and they have to accept it because Ludia say so.
Just like the boost debacle and the way they were devalued the way they were.
They are like “It’s our game and we will do what we like”.


@Minnow why should a level 1 who starts on Saturday be able to get a level 16 erlikosaurus by the following monday? He may be darting like crazy but the amount of dna he is adding to the rare dna goal is much less than a level 20 who is getting 26 dna per direct hit.

It just seems like Ludia just doesn’t care about listening to their base. They are hesitant to fix any real problems meanwhile giving us updates that pile on new problems.

I lean towards them refusing to fix problems for this reason. Let’s say hypothetically everyone started noticing double DNA from darting sessions and Ludia caught wind of it. How long do you think it would take them to correct it? My guess, a few minutes to a few hours. Basically it would be fixed that day. But when it comes to an issue, let’s say supply drops, a known issue, they say nothing and do nothing. Time is not an issue.

The real question is why is it this way. I honestly don’t know. I googled " Is Ludia a bad Company " and saw some reviews of folks that have worked for them on a site called glassdoor. I take their reviews with a grain of salt but some say they are a greedy company, they take their time fixing issues, etc.

I really enjoy this game and find it a great way to pass the time. But I grow tired of issues refusing to be fixed. I grow tired of sudden changes that are implemented without testing them first and unnecessary additions to the game, and Ludia refusing to communicate with us.

Basically I’m tired of the game working against us.

Ludia, you have a great game and loyal fans. Start being a little more transparent and communicate with your base. Listen to the complaints and offer a reply with when or how it will be fixed. Your base will appreciate it more if you tried to work with us and you would find we are willing to work with you…

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I think they need to adjust some of the quests of alliance missions then. Because yes, for DNA collection etc, the amount of DNA we get DO scale with levels. But as people have pointed out - number of darts shot, number of battles played etc don’t scale with level and everyone contributes the same. They have to work on it so that the requirement and rewards are fair for players at every level.

Between this and the boosts rework, it’s starting to feel more and more like they’re constantly looking at ways to separate the higher tier players from the lower tier/beginning players.

I’m already level 20, so I’m guessing this won’t affect me. But it’s still really unfair - why should a lazy level 20 player get to reap the rewards that a hard working level 10 player earned for them as an example?

With the way this game is going, I’m gonna be glad when I complete my Dinodex. Then I’ll put it away until a new update arrives. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep playing when it’s constantly catering to higher players all the time. I don’t care for any company that does that.


I spend a few hours playing every day, and there are lower-level players spending more time contributing to missions than me. They deserve the full rewards for their hard work, especially in a very active alliance.

Foster a community of players who love the game and find the rewards to hold enough value that they play often, recommend to friends, rate and review in the app store, and maybe even spend some actual cash on it now and again.


This isn’t fair to those players who work hard to help out the alliance to get those high value rewards. Many count on that dna to help them level dinos to fusing level or get those last few fuses on dinos that can break them into a new rank. This will end up hurting everyone. why should lower level players contribute when they can no longer get the same amount of rewards as a lv 20 player? People will stop putting effort into it and that hurts the rankings, which will hurt the high level players. This move is a downward spiral. I see this as a very bad move.