Dimodactulus Impact and run

Hey, when I do get to use the Impact and run move the opponent is still getting a hit in before Dimodactylus leaves. They are not counter attacks either. This isn’t the normal mechanics for this move is it? Shouldn’t the incoming Dino cop the hit?

That is among the new bugs introduced in ver. 1.5.
I do realize the same.
Dracoceratops (swap in stun) has issue as well.

I’m now thinking it must be due to the two turn can’t swap out maybe? You can select the move but it won’t swap out until another turn. It’s gonna make it hard to use this Dino I think. It’s gonna need a lot of levels to survive that many hits and still get out.

Hey Aaron_Norris, if your creature was “Swap Prevented,” you will still be able to use Impact and Run, but the automatic swap will not take effect. However, if you think there is an issue, could you contact our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and more details along with the date and time of when this occurred so they can investigate?

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