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Dimodactylus has no future


As i saw this picture this morning…both uniques require Epic Darwin DNAs…

Which implies dimodactylus can’t do things better now.


1.6 might change it though, It’s a mystery.


It’s a hybrid epic, at best it may get a legendary down the road somewhere. But probably not more than that

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The left one speed at least 129 with immunity, the right one around 125 with high health.

No room for the poor dimodactylus to grow


Dimodactylus was the bird I wanted to use most, then the one I wanted to get a hybrid. Doesn’t seem I’ll have it either way :disappointed:


they should allow superduper hybrids.

never know. moves can be changed and you might get what you want in the future.


I want a superuberduper hybrid. Fuse my Meg with Dimodactylus. New passive, wounding counter. Swap in wound as well. Multiply the attack of each like a DBZ fusion. 6 attacks. 147 speed.


and it does uber on his time off?? lol


It’s the Dino everyone wanted to love but just couldn’t. I’m sure there’s some great comparison jokes here but I couldn’t come up with any.


Also Alankylo…
Why can’t the right side unique set to be made from Alankylo + Stygi gen2?
Such a waste.


A giant croc with wings… that’s sounds like the perfect Uber :pray:t2:

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hopefully they add some wings to my giga too lol. itll look like a green charizard


Omg, forget Zard… Giga with wings would look like somethin that flew out from the depths of hell to ravage the earth :star_struck:


no. its angelic to me :heart_eyes:

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One mans hell is another’s heaven :wink:


just the thought though lol. if they gave it small wings itll be jwa’s dragonite.

i tagged myself lol.

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Tiny derpy wings > angel/demon wings

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I was hoping it to become ingredients for the new unique, but alas!

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