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Dimodactylus vs. Scaphognathus- advice for a noob


I’m still relatively new to this game (I’m floating around 2300 trophies), but my team is fairly decent, with one exception: Dimodactylus.

He’s my only epic tier hybrid, and I spent a good amount of time trying to craft him. He’s level 12 now, but I just realized that my level 9 Scaphognathus has better stats than him.

Is Dimodactylus useless? He seems to go 1-for-1 at best with the opponents I’m facing. Is Scaphognathus useless as well? I feel like I need the second DoT centered dinosaur (My first being a suchotator) in my lineup for beefy opponents, but now I’m unsure. Would a level 13 miragaia or level 11 monolophosaurus be better? They all seem underwhelming, so what’s the least bad option here?


Ill let u decide for urself, but imo dimo is still better becuz it has lethal wound, which is basically a guaranteed kill, as well as shields.

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All of the new non-unique dinos in 1.6 are very powerful for thier rarity tier.

Scapho should have been an Epic. I dont care for the birds in general, but Scapho is a nice dino and that clense is nice to have on a swapper. Its only con is its low health…and , well…being a bird.

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Ok, I have got to mess around in combat a bit with both of these birds over the last few days.

Im going to retract my previous opinion and go with this…

Dont use either one, they are both crap and neither one is team material. Lol